Danh Vo, We the People

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James Ewing
Danh Vo, We The People, 2011–14, detail
In this remarkable project, Vo—a Danish artist living in Berlin whose family fled his native Vietnam for Denmark after the fall of Saigon—has created a full-scale replica of the Statue of Liberty, in 250 unassembled pieces. Each segment has been constructed using the original material and method—copper sheeting over a wooden armature—devised by the monument's designer, Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi. Vo has stated that he has no intention of ever assembling the parts, that the point of the work is to leave them separate as abstract sculptures brought closer to human scale. Different elements of We the People have previously exhibited, both indoors and out, and here, the Public Art Fund presents nearly a fifth of their total number, in concurrent installations at Brooklyn Bridge and City Hall Parks.
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