Llyn Foulkes



Lower East Side

Until Sun Sep 8 2013

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  • Benoit Pailley

    Llyn Foulkes, installation view

  • John Jones Collection

    Llyn Foulkes, Who’s on Third?, 1971–73

  • Randel Urbauer

    Llyn Foulkes, Dali and Me, 2006

  • Randel Urbauer

    Llyn Foulkes,

  • Hammer Museum

    Llyn Foulkes, The Lost Frontier, 1997–2005

  • Robert Wedemeyer

    Llyn Foulkes, The Awakening, 1994–2012

  • Courtesy San Jose Museum of Art

    Llyn Foulkes, The Corporate Kiss, 2001

  • Courtesy Norton Simon Museum

    Llyn Foulkes, In Memory of St. Vincent School, 1960

  • Jason Dewey

    Llyn Foulkes, Cow, 1963

  • Sheldan Collins

    Llyn Foulkes, Portrait of Leo Gorcey, 1969

Benoit Pailley

Llyn Foulkes, installation view

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