Best bars in Chinatown: The essential drinking spots

The best bars in the neighborhood range from longstanding dives to karaoke joints—and, for fans of theatrical mixology, a pharmacy-themed lounge.



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Whatever your poison, Chinatown offers several worthwhile drinking options, whether you’re after a cheap beer or a complicated concoction—the neighborhood's best bars include a venerable dive and a pharmacy-themed cocktail den. But more choice is on tap just a few blocks away in Little Italy and Nolita or on the Lower East Side.

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  • Price band: 4/4

This unmarked boîte is the sort of contrived hideout that might be cooked up by an overgrown kid with a chemistry set. The bar is littered with old vials, the cocktails are referred to as “prescriptions,” and the bartenders-cum-mad-scientists are in rare form—note the cinnamon-flambéed Himalayan salt that rims a margarita. But all of this hocus-pocus doesn’t translate to better drinks: An off-putting, gin-fueled Seven Herbs tasted exactly like alcoholic gazpacho.

  1. 9 Doyers St, (at Pell St)
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Asia Roma

  • Price band: 1/4

A blue neon sign points karaoke-lovers to this basement lounge, where groups of young revelers take to the stage to shamelessly belt out Mandarin pop songs along with sing-along standards from Tina Turner and Billy Idol. Hesitant newcomers can loosen up with a specialty cocktail procured from the upstairs bar. Harness liquid courage via a Zen martini—Absolut Citron infused with green tea.

  1. 40 Mulberry St, (between Bayard and Mosco Sts)
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Mulberry Project

  • Price band: 2/4
  • Critics choice

Cool-hunters looking for a break from clubland can hit this underground boîte, tucked away beneath a cut-rate handbag shop in Little Italy. The unlikely hot spot—complete with a strict door policy—is a testament to the nightlife bona fides of the bar’s owners, who have cashed in on their affiliations (GoldBar, Bagatelle, Milk and Honey) to create this sceney speakeasy. Haute cocktails replace bottle service as the in-crowd currency, with most drinkers rolling the dice on

  1. 149 Mulberry St, (between Grand and Hester Sts), 10013
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169 Bar

  • Price band: 1/4
  • Critics choice

The bouncers at the door aren’t window dressing—they’re serious about keeping out the rough element that characterized this hangout for much of its 80-year history. True, the venerable dive has evolved, hosting events with such partners as Triple 5 Soul (there’s an occasional cover of $5) and adding DJs who spin jungle and new wave. It hasn’t evolved too much, though: 169 remains a satisfyingly obscure place to get a beer for $3 and, until it’s time to hit the pool

  1. 169 East Broadway, (between Jefferson and Rutgers Sts), 10002
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  • Price band: 1/4

Embrace your inner Jack White (or your inner Jon Bon Jovi, if that’s more your speed) at this divey Chinatown karaoke joint, where middle-aged men share the mike with indie-rockers. The drinks—try the house “Hawaiian Punch,” a bracing mix of eight liquors, three juices and grenadine—kick in quickly, so nobody will notice if you sing off-key.

  1. 104 Bayard St, (between Baxter and Mulberry Sts)
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