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Go behind the scenes of Time Out New York’s sex shoot!

By Carla Sosenko Time Out Staff

Carla is the deputy editor at Time Out New York. She grew up on Long Island but tells everyone she's from the city. Follow her on Twitter at @carlasosenko.

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Fin K
Fin K

I am a contented subscriber to TONY. I appreciate it as a means of staying connected to my vibrant city and all its many offerings. This is the first time I’m writing in with a comment and I am moved to do so by the laughable cover of the current issue - The Naked Truth About Sex - featuring people lounging in lingerie and underwear. There is nothing naked about it, let alone bare, risqué or bold enough to warrant a second cover to protect our delicate sensibilities from what? Bras and underwear? The garb could just as easily have been swimsuits for what it reveals and no secondary cover would have been needed and that expense and those resources spared.

I don’t doubt that shedding clothes took courage on the part of some of the real, everyday New Yorkers who came in to model. The feature ought to have been about shedding inhibitions and not about sex. Sex is about nakedness in all its forms and about nudity and skin and genitalia and all-out human expressiveness.  I’m a European by birth who came to the US at a young age and was raised in both cultures. In my experience, Americans are and always have been puritanical when it comes to sex and showing the human body, naked. And that’s the naked truth.

This cover could be on any American city guide from Bar Harbor to Oceanside, but New York City? I would have expected more from TONY. Or in this case, less.