Listen: Benoit & Sergio's new EP

D.C. duo Benoit & Sergio release the New Ships EP on Visionquest.



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Benoit & Sergio

Benoit & Sergio

In case you were beginning to think that all the Washington, D.C. production duo Benoit & Sergio had in store for your underground clubbing needs was “Walk & Talk” (the song that goes “my baby does K all day”) and “Principles” (the one that goes, er, “principles”)—think again. The pair has put out oodles of other fine tracks, including last year’s excellent Let Me Count the Ways EP on Spectral Sound—and they’ve just dropped a new trio of tunes via the Visionquest label’s New Ships EP. The style is what we can now begin to call the “classic Benoit & Sergio” sound: deep, hazy house imbued with a melancholic melodic sense. And it’s quite lovely, to boot. If you dig their work as much as we do, we’d suggest you head over to Le Bain on Saturday, October 20, when the twosome will be playing in celebration of the EP's release.

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