Minimix: Marc Romboy and Ken Ishii's Taiyo

Marc Romboy gives us a taste of his new album with Japanese techno godfather Ken Ishii.



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Marc Romboy

Marc Romboy

Good news: Systemic Recordingsl's head honcho Marc Romboy is jetting in from Germany tomorrow, February 23, to play at the Re-Konstrukt Angency's launch party. Double good news: Taiyo, a collaborative album with Japanese techno kingpin Ken Ishii with grooves ranging from deep and bumping to tough and bleepy, has just been released on Systemic, and it's killer. Triple good news: Here's a minimix of the album's tracks, put together by Romboy himself!

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The Re-Konstrukt Agency Launch Party, featuring Marc Romboy, is on Saturday, February 23.

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