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Q&A: Cassy

House doyenne Cassy helps Output celebrate a full year of booming beats.

Phtograph: courtesy Safe House Management

With its January 2013 opening, the Williamsburg club Output may not have totally changed the nightlife world as we know it, but it certainly provided the kind of first-class, large-scale outlet for underground techno, house and bass music that New York was sorely lacking. A galaxy of the scene’s top stars have stepped into its booths—and among the brightest, plying their thumping trade at Output’s two-day first-anniversary celebration this weekend, will be Catherine "Cassy" Britton, a quarterly resident at the club. We managed to catch up with the beloved spinner as she was traveling the world to spread her electronic love.

Your Fabric 71 release was voted No. 6 on Resident Advisor’s Top 30 Mixes list. Do those kinds of plaudits have a noticeable effect on your career?
I would say that my career has always grown steadily, and I am very lucky with the way things have gone. I have had very interesting mix-CD requests!

I think you’re a resident at three clubs now—Berlin’s Panorama Bar, Paris’s Rex Club and Output—and it seems as if you are constantly traveling around the world for gigs. Is there a city that you call home anymore?
I really don’t have a home anymore; home is where my friends are. I have probably become a citizen of the world.… I would like to hope so, anyway. I want to feel at home in many places. It makes my life a lot easier.

Speaking of Output, you’re playing the club’s first-anniversary party. So many people here in New York love you—how does it feel to have conquered the city?
New York does feel like a home, and it is such a great pleasure and honor to come and play Output. I love the vibe of the club, the sound system, the club itself. Have I conquered New York? I love the city so much. It’s the best city in the world, and it means a lot to me if I can give something of that energy back to the city and the people.

What’s up next? Any new releases on the way? I’m guessing that it’s hard to sit down to write and produce music when you have as busy a gig schedule as you do.
I have some remixes—one for the 2020 Vision compilation. More studio time this year—yes! There's lots to be looking forward to.

Cassy spins at Output Year One Anniversary Part Two Sat 25.

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