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A Very Special Hurricane Benefit Show at the Bell House (SLIDE SHOW)

WFMU's Tom Scharpling and rocker Ted Leo bring together an all-star cast and raise $30,000 to aid Sandy charities.

Mindy Tucker

Ted Leo and Tom Scharpling kick off A Very Special Hurricane Benefit Show

Mindy Tucker

"Sandy Hurricane" and H. Jon Benjamin

Mindy Tucker

Chris Gethard tells a story of Weird NJ (and his odd home state).

Mindy Tucker

John Hodgman and Kristen Schaal goad the attendees to bid on a Ted Leo fan prize package.

Mindy Tucker

Titus Andronicus

Mindy Tucker

Julie Klausner does her best to take on her interlocutor during a live edition of Gary the Squirrel's "Comedians Are Nuts."

Mindy Tucker

Brooke Shields takes on Scharpling's big questions as Leo looks on.

Mindy Tucker

Hodgman snaps a quick one as Schall poses with Shields and a Brooke Sheids doll.

Mindy Tucker

Andrew WK gets things started

Mindy Tucker

WK and company sing en masse to "Louie Louie"

Mindy Tucker

Chris Elliott and Adam Resnick

Mindy Tucker

Leo, show producer Marianne Ways and Scharpling after the show

WFMU's The Best Show host Tom Scharpling told Time Out New York before the Very Special Hurricane Benefit Show he put on with fellow Jerseyan Ted Leo and comedy producer Marianne Ways that they wanted to produce the sort of event “people had never seen before.”

He'd be right even if he were only talking about the fast-paced montage of hard-core porn that Jon Benjamin had flashing on the screen while he announced that the benefit was ostensibly helping a gay porn star called Sandy Hurricane. Beyond this eyeful of action, the three hours were, in fact, packed with an incredible diversity of acts: explosive sets from Ted Leo and the Pharmacists and Titus Andronicus, a story of New Jersey oddities from improv comic and storyteller Chris Gethard, an interview between Scharpling character Gary the Squirrel and Julie Klausner, a chat with Brooke Shields, an obsessive dissection of The Godfather Part III from Chris Elliott and Adam Resnick, several segments of an auction with auctioneer John Hodgman and lovely assistant Kristen Schaal, and a joyous closing performance from Andrew W.K.