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Talented local comics and great out-of-towners sling some of our favorite jokes of the year.

On any night of the week, you can see the city’s funniest women and men get up onstage and do their thing. Half the time, you don’t even have to pay to see it, thanks to all thefree comedy shows in NYC, but if you really can’t get out tonight, here’s some of what you’re missing at the city’s best comedy theaters.


Joke of the week 2013

Jacqueline Novak

I live a life of ideas, and when those won’t do, snacks.

Jacqueline Novak records an album at Ars Nova Wed 18. Follow her on Twitter @jacquelinenovak.

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Doug Smith

My kid will be raised entirely by the nanny. Because I can’t think of anything cooler than having a kid with a Jamaican accent.

Doug Smith cohosts the two-year anniversary of See You in Hell Sat 7. Follow him on Twitter @whodougsmith.

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Bonnie McFarlane

A clothes-shopping addiction would be the worst addiction to have, because when you finally hit bottom, you look amazing. 

Bonnie McFarlane plays the Creek and the Cave Thu 22–Sat 24. Follow her on Twitter @bonniemcfarlane.

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Ismael Maldonado
Ismael Maldonado

Hi. I am a comic in the Nyc scene and would love to able to summit some jokes that could be picked for joke of the week. Would love any help with that and here is a quick 45 sec joke to show I have the funny. Thank You