Cazwell's greatest viral-video hits (videos)

Cazwell's trademark blend of cheeky and sexy has made for some hot videos; here's our favorite clips from the local rapper and DJ



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Cazwell Photograph: Marco Ovando

Rapper, DJ and downtown scenester Cazwell has been turning us on and making us laugh for years. Most recently, he skewered our social-media self-portrait obsession with his new single and video, "No Selfie Control." This is hardly the first time he's gone viral, though: Check out some of our favorite Caz songs and clips below. Looking for even more? Head out to the Ritz (Thursdays), Fairytail Lounge (Fridays) and Boxers HK (Saturdays), where Cazwell presides over the DJ booth.


Cazwell: "Ice Cream Truck"

An army of hunky dancers and some phallic frozen confections made this ode to summer treats an online smash.


Cazwell: "I Seen Beyoncé at Burger King"

Cazwell encounters a pop legend at a fast-food eatery in this irresistible cult hit.


Cazwell: "No Selfie Control"

The rapper gently skewers our obsession with cell-phone self-portraits in his most recent earworm single.


Cazwell and Peaches: "Unzip Me"

Cazwell teamed up with electro-rock queen Peaches for a thumping track and eye-popping video.


Cazwell: "Get My Money Back"

Those "Ice Cream Truck" boys are back, and they're even more wild this time around.


Cazwell: "Rice and Beans"

Cazwell pays tribute to Spanish comfort food with this double-entendre-laden track and booty-centric video.


Amanda Lepore: "Marilyn" featuring Cazwell

The video for Amanda Lepore's ode to nihilism features Cazwell as a hedonistic playboy.


Cazwell: "Watch My Mouth"

Queer nightlife stars frequently populate Cazwell's videos, including this charmingly old-school clip.


Cazwell: "All Over Your Face"

The raunchy lyrics to this disco-sampling track leave little to the imagination. The video is almost quaint by comparison.


Cazwell and Luciana: "Guess What?"

British diva Luciana joins Cazwell for this electro duet.

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