Queens on Thrones: Linda Simpson (SLIDE SHOW)

Linda Simpson—NYC's queen of drag bingo and art-party hostess—braves the can at PKNY for Gay Pride and Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee.



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  • Photograph: Jolie Ruben

  • Photograph: Jolie Ruben

  • Photograph: Jolie Ruben

  • Photograph: Jolie Ruben

  • Photograph: Jolie Ruben

Photograph: Jolie Ruben

The queen: Party promoter, hostess, playwright, actor and game-show host Simpson has been an NYC scene fixture since the 1980s. She still hasn’t learned to sing or lip-synch.

The throne:
PKNY. The no-frills head at this downtown tiki bar is plastered with tropical postcards and photos. Patrons have added their own contributions in the form of graffiti.

Time Out New York: Do you have any advice for the woman who is arguably the world’s most famous queen on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee?
Linda Simpson: When writing your will, please remember that I’ve always admired your jewelry.

Got any good bathroom stories from your adventures in nightlife?
Once at Jackie 60, I was waiting in line to get into the bathroom with a whole bunch of other people, including Debbie Harry. Whoever was in the bathroom was taking forever, so Debbie pulled down her pants, squatted and started peeing right there in the hallway. It was so punk rock!  We were all in awe.

What are you proud of this June?
When the city is teeming with tacky tourists, I’m proud to be a New Yorker.

More Linda Simpson!
Check out Monday Night Bingo, Mondays at 7:30pm at Bowery Poetry Club, and Le Bingo, Saturdays at 6:30pm at Le Poisson Rouge; the next installment of Linda’s Exhibit A party is June 24 at Bowery Poetry Club. For more information, go to lindasimpson.org.

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