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Get listed on Time Out

Want to promote your venue or event with Time Out? Well here's how...

If you want to be listed in Time Out New York magazine or on the Time Out New York website,  submit information about your venue or event via mail or e-mail to the editor of the section in which you would like to be listed (Art, Comedy, Dance, etc.). Refer to the masthead for a list of section editors. You can also submit your listings via e-mail; see below for a list of sections and their e-mail addresses. Incomplete submissions will not be included and listings information will not be accepted over the telephone.

When you submit your listing, please make sure to include:

· Venue address, including cross streets and nearest public transportation
· Event dates and times
· Event prices
· Telephone number(s)
· Website (if available)
· List of artists on the bill, from headliner to opener (when applicable)
· Your contact information

You do not have to pay a fee to be listed. Listings are chosen at the discretion of the editors. Submitting a listing does not guarantee inclusion. Time Out does not accept compensation of any kind in exchange for listing events or venues.

The deadline is Monday, ten days before publication (see below for the exact time).

Deadline time: 6pm

Deadline time: 10am

Deadline time: noon

Deadline time: 10am

Details of films, running times, names of film directors and brief synopses must be provided for films not listed in standard reference works.
Deadline time: 6pm

Food & Drink
Deadline time: 6pm

Gay & Lesbian
Deadline time: 6pm

Deadline time: 6pm

Music: Classical & Opera
Deadline time: 6pm

Music: Cabaret & standards
Deadline time: 6pm

Music: Rock, pop, soul, blues, folk, country, jazz, experimental, reggae, world and Latin
Deadline time: 6pm

Deadline time: 10am

Sex & Dating
Deadline time: 6pm

Deadline time: 6pm

Deadline time: 6pm

This Week in New York
Deadline time: 6pm