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Spa treatments by purpose

Where to relax, recharge, detox, soothe winter skin and more.

The Green Spa & Wellness Center

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The Green Spa & Wellness Center: Organic Revital Eyes 
8804 Third Ave between 88th and 89th Sts, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn (718-921-6100,greenspany.com). Regularly $38.
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I'll take any opportunity to rejuvenate my dark-circled, puffy eyes. The all-natural Eminence products used at Green Spa exfoliated and soothed my fatigued skin, while a raspberry eye mask, green-tea--soaked cotton and a neck massage helped me forget why I was so tired in the first place. (The complimentary champagne and fluffy robe didn't hurt either.)
Best part:
 After the initial fingertip massage, my aesthetician worked cool stones into the treatment, tracing the contours of my eyes and smoothing out any worry lines. 
Why it's worth it:
 From the wrought-iron door to the multiple floors of dimly lit earth-toned rooms and soothing rain-forest sounds, Green Spa is anything but clinical.—Christen Brandt

Anasa Day Spa: Aromatherapy facial 
31-09 Newtown Ave at 31st Ave, suite 409, Astoria, Queens (718-777-7720,anasadayspa.com). Regularly $90. 
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The mood lighting, soft music and cozy monogrammed robes at this Queens retreat come with a side of tough love from soothing but firm spa therapist Toula Angelidakis. With a little steaming and a few expert cheek presses, she correctly guessed that I don't drink enough water, exfoliate too much and never wipe down my cell phone. (Oops.) After a deep cleaning, she massaged in a custom mix of essential oils (ginseng and comforting horse chestnut for my sensitive skin) and topped them with a repairing serum. As a bonus, she shared handy skin tips and factoids: Did you know that New Yorkers are more prone to blackheads because of air pollution? 
Best part:
 A cool-to-the-touch, custom-mixed mask was painted on to lock in essential oils, then peeled off and followed by a hot towel to my face. I could feel every pore open up.
Why it's worth it:
 I knew I'd be racing to another appointment after the facial, so I packed a makeup bag to deal with redness and shine. Surprise: My skin was dewy, clear and blotch-free on its own.—Cathy Vandewater

Spring Thyme Day Spa: Anma massage 
40 Exchange Pl between Nassau and Williams Sts (212-385-4973, springthymeny.com). $80.
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Relaxing massages are luxurious, no doubt. But to handle the constant challenges of work and parenting, what my body really needed was a serious energy boost. Spring Thyme cofounder and massage therapist Philip Lam first looked at my tongue and then deeply into my eyes for signs of toxins, which alert the practitioner to any troubled organs. Then I laid facedown on a narrow table, fully clothed in a T-shirt and sweatpants, for an intense session of Anma massage courtesy of Lam's strong, nimble hands. With directed pressure, Lam activated points from my shoulders to my toes in a way that pushed my pain envelope but also realigned my body's entire flow of energy.
Best part:
 Lam's initial focus on my essential-organ meridians—those of the heart, lungs and kidneys, which are accessed at different points on the upper back—released a searing heat that was exactly what my body needed.
Why it's worth it:
 The 50-minute session, though hardly what one could call pleasant or relaxing, left me energized and supremely awake, as though my consciousness had just been zapped into sharp focus.—Lee Magill

Moonflower Spa: Rose Renew Body Treatment 
8 E 41st St between Fifth and Madison Aves, suite three (212-683-8729,moonflowerspa.com). $95. 
Upon stepping into this spa, hidden above a busy midtown street, I was transported to an oasis of calm. Moon Flower specializes in facials, but for the Rose Renew treatment—a combination of aromatherapy, exfoliation and massage—it was the rest of my body that received attention. The tense muscles in my back and feet, as well as the dry skin on my arms, legs and hands, were scrubbed, rubbed, massaged and pampered. After a full exfoliation, my masseuse, Chizuru A., stimulated my circulation and released knots I didn't even know I had.
Best part: The aromatic oils that were used during the treatment were scented with rose, chamomile and neroli. Not only were they invigorating, but they also left me with a subtly, sweet scent. 
Why it's worth it:
 The treatment was a much-needed balm for my rough winter skin, which was transformed from dry and flaky to moisturized and smooth.—Meg Rushton

Metamorphosis Spa: Aromatherapy massage 
127 E 56th St between Park and Lexington Aves, fifth floor (212-751-6051,metspa.com). $150.
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After placing a glass bowl of mixed essential oils—cypress, juniper, bergamot, orange and rosemary—underneath my face, masseuse Andrea Nieto got to work kneading the same oils into my exhausted body. Though it was almost overwhelming at first, a few deep breaths of the scent perked me up, even more than my daily dose of caffeine. Nieto also gave me a small tissue dotted with the same combination as I walked out the door "for a quick pick-me-up." Over the next few days, a quick whiff of the potent tissue boosted my energy on the spot. 
Best part:
 As kids, my sister and I would stretch by pulling on each other's limbs. The technique Nieto used to gently tug on my arms and legs was similar but more relaxing, and it released tension and knots I didn't even know I had.
Why it's worth it: I walked in to the spa feeling depleted from a few taxing days; I left it relaxed, recharged and ready to take on a new week right then and there.—Marcy Franklin


Season Spa: Aromatherapy massage 
165 Hester St between Elizabeth and Mott Sts (212-966-7416, seasonspa-nyc.com). Regularly $68. 
TONY deal Mention TONY when booking to get this treatment for $55 through Feb 29.
Before the treatment, massage therapist and spa manager Jennifer Wong offered a selection of four rotating aromatic oils (which are imported from Shanghai and Guangzhou in China) and explained the benefits of each scent. I opted for jasmine for relaxation and was quickly transported from wintertime Manhattan to a balmy South Pacific garden.
Best part: The hour-long treatment incorporates elements of Swedish, deep-tissue and tui na techniques, based on what each area of the body needs. In my case, it meant both targeted kneading of knots behind my shoulder blades and heavy, sustained pressure for my hamstrings and calves—achieved when Wong climbed up on the table and channeled her body weight through her knees. 
Why it's worth it:
 At the end of the session, my muscles felt not only soothed but therapeutically tuned up, and a tension-melting head massage during the last ten minutes left this overcaffeinated insomniac snoring.—Carolyn Stanley

Relax on Cloud 9: Mineral bath 
694 Clove Rd at Martling Ave, Staten Island (718-448-3412, relaxoncloud9.com). $50.

This half-hour treatment is just long enough to help you unwind. After entering the charming cottage that houses this retreat, I was led into a tiled room with a large Jacuzzi tub. My therapist, Steve Gargiulo, added mineral powder and lavender-scented essential oils to the bath, and I rested in the warm water while pan-flute music drifted into the room. Afterward, I refreshed myself with a quick spray of complimentary shea butter lotion. 
Best part:
 If you're lucky, you'll meet spa owner Doreen Zayer and her gorgeous dog, an adopted labrador, on your way out.
Why it's worth it:
 This relaxing treatment is an excellent add-on to a massage, but if you're taking it on its own, request a complimentary five-minute shoulder and hand massage along with your bath.—Annemarie Dooling

Dorit Baxter Day Spa: Herbal body wrap 
47 W 57th St between Fifth and Sixth Aves, third floor (212-371-4542,newyorkdayspa.com). $95.
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Between playing tour guide for visiting family members and battling crowds on buses and trains, I was craving a break from my holiday vacation. At this chic midtown spot, technician Katya Goidayeva (who has worked at various spas for nearly ten years), soothed away my anxiety with a body wrap. She massaged organic lavender cream into almost every inch of my skin and proceeded to cover my body in layers of lavender-scented sheets and thermal blankets.
Best part: While I tend to be claustrophobic, I spent 20 minutes snoozing in my wrap without feeling suffocated; plus, a knot-busting massage was a surprise treat.
Why it's worth it: The lavender scent, soothing music and encompassing warmth left me completely relaxed—so much so that the feeling stayed with me throughout a busy workday.—Elizabeth Denton

Thai New York Spa and Salon: Traditional Thai massage 
23-92 21st St between 23rd Terr and 24th Ave, Astoria, Queens (718-932-0999,thainewyorkspa.com). $79. TONY deal Mention TONY when booking for 10 percent off massages through Feb 15. 
My stiff shoulders started to soften just minutes into this intense rubdown, courtesy of the centuries-old techniques applied by therapist Kan Prasertsri. She spared no maneuver to banish my body's tension: At different points throughout the massage, Kan kneeled on the table to bend and stretch my legs, and straddled my hamstrings while prodding my lower back. 
Best part:
 The massage isn't the only draw: The spa provides comfy pants and shirts for the treatment, and I could drink the sweet ginger tea served pre- and post-massage by the gallon. 
Why it's worth it:
 There's no one-treatment-fits-all mantra here. Prasertsri took note of my most problematic pains, melting them away with the perfect amount of pressure.—Leah Faye Cooper

Winter remedies

Mario Badescu Skin Care Salon: European Facial with Vitamin C add-on 
320 E 52nd St between First and Second Aves (212-758-1065, mariobadescu.com). Facial $65, add-on $35.
 TONY deal Mention TONY when booking to receive a free manicure with your facial (available Mon--Thu 10am--4pm) through Feb 13.
To begin the spa's signature treatment, my specialist, Angie J., directed a steam machine at my face to soften my skin and detoxify my pores. While I slackened under the warm air, Angie administered a thorough face cleansing with Mario Badescu's Enzyme Cleansing Gel and a circulation-amping neck, chest and shoulder massage. Then came a swift, take-no-prisoners series of extractions by hand, followed by a soothing mask to comfort my skin. After the mask dried, she gently cleaned my face and applied the Vitamin C add-on, an ultrahydrating, collagen-stimulating treatment to relieve my cold-weather--ravaged face. As a result, my skin was the cleanest, smoothest and most moisturized it has been in months. 
Best part: The spa offers a free posttreatment consultation, which any client can take advantage of.
Why it's worth it:
 This methodically attentive procedure is one of the best facials for its moderate price.—Anne Bauso

Faina European Day Spa: Clay Souffle Chocolate Mint Body Scrub 
315 W 57th St between Eighth and Ninth Aves, suite 402 (212-245-6557,fainaeuropeanspa.com). $70. TONY deal Mention TONY when booking or at time of appointment for 20 percent off all treatments (Mon--Fri appointments) through Feb 29.
I've been blessed with itchy, dry skin (thanks, Mom), so I was stoked when my technician, Barno Yosefi, explained that the natural sugar cane in this exfoliating scrub would remove dead cells and leave me with smoother skin. The delicious-smelling concoction, safe for those with sensitive skin, was rubbed gently all over my body.
Best part:
 A steamy shower after the treatment and subsequent massage with moisturizing, vitamin-rich lotion were unexpected extras.
Why it's worth it:
 My entire body felt baby-soft, and I didn't have the slightest inclination to scratch.—Elizabeth Denton

Ohm Spa: Ultimate SpaRitual Manicure 
260 Fifth Ave between 28th and 29th Sts, seventh floor (212-845-9812, ohmspa.com). $45. 
TONY deal Mention TONY when booking for 20 percent off this treatment through Feb 29.
Winter weather is harsh enough on my hands without the added cuticle peel that comes from using too much acetone and cheap nail polish. The solution: a manicure that uses products that are free of DPB, formaldehyde and toluene. My technician, Ada Zhou, started out the session by shaping my overgrown nails and pushing back my cuticles. She then massaged my arms and hands using lavender cream, wrapped my forearms in plastic and snuggled them in a hot towel. After painting my nails, Zhou sat me at a UV drying machine, then stuck my hands in waxy paraffin gloves and let the treatment soothe my dry skin.
Best part:
 Afterward, my hands felt soft and smooth, and my nails were painted to perfection.
Why it's worth it:
 It's a manicure, massage and paraffin treatment all wrapped into one chemical-free session.—Rebecca Fishbein

Shade Bar Spa and Salon: Organic full-body spray tan
36-05 Ditmars Blvd between 36th and 37th Sts, Astoria, Queens (718-278-7893,shadebarspa.com). $55. 
TONY deal Mention TONY when booking for 10 percent off a spray tan or any other treatment through Feb 9.
A 30-minute visit to this salon replaced my January paleness with a beautiful, natural and healthy glow. To begin, my tanning pro, Tricia Bisbee, had me wipe myself down with wet towels to remove any residue from products like lotion, deodorant (it turns green) or body oil. Trisha lightly misted me with an organic-beetroot-based tan formula (which is applied to achieve your desired level of darkness), artfully creating natural, all-over layers. She also buffed around my wrists, nails and ears, to prevent harsh lines, before blasting me with a hairdryer. I gradually turned more bronze over the next ten hours and awoke the next day to the prettiest, non--Oompa Loompa tan.
Best part:
 Not needing to apply makeup for a week: My face and skin looked great with their built-in concealer, bronzer and blush.
Why it's worth it:
 The tan lasts five to seven days and is perfect before special occasions or simply as an antidote for the winter blues.—AB


Wei Lang Spa at Devachan: Detox City body treatment 
425 Broome St between Crosby and Lafayette Sts (646-454-4300,devachansalon.com). $165.
 TONY deal Mention TONY when booking for ten percent off this treatment through Feb 26.
After sloughing off dead skin with a micronutrient-packed algae granule scrub, massage therapist and body-treatment specialist Niseema Dyan Diemer patted me down with handfuls of thick, mineral-rich mud. While I enjoyed a head massage, iodine in the mud drew out toxins. Meanwhile, magnesium kept the solution bubbling and crackling, a surprisingly soothing sensation. The grand finale is a hydrating milk rubdown that sealed Vitamin E into every pore of my body. 
Best part:
 The wrap Diemer tucked around my mud-covered body resembled tinfoil, so I felt like a cozy baked potato while sweating out a month's worth of holiday partying. 
Why it's worth it: I received a healthy, fresh-for-the-new-year glow without having to give up any of my favorite toxins.—Erin Griffith

Le Cachet Day Spa: Mud/Body Wrap treatment 
39 E 30th St between Madison and Park Aves (212-448-9823, lecachetspa.com). $120.

As I lay on a bed of thermal blankets, aesthetician Mila Pronenko methodically scrubbed nearly every inch of my body with a citrus-scented mixture of Dead Sea salt and Vitamin E. Paying close attention to callused areas like elbows and heels, she sloughed off dead skin cells and moisturized my skin. Next, I was painted from neck to toe with mud (also from the Dead Sea) to remove impurities and toxins stored up in my hibernation-mode body. Then Pronenko wrapped me tightly with layers of plastic wrap, towels and a heated blanket before leaving me to enjoy a blissful nap. I drifted in and out of a cathartic slumber before cleaning up in an invigorating cool shower.
Best part:
 The salt scrubdown revived my winter-dulled skin and was the perfect primer for the mud-cocoon--induced snooze that followed.
Why it's worth it: The warmth of the burrito-like wrap thawed my seasonal chill and I felt refreshed for days.—Janet Caputo

Yelo Spa: Toe-Tal Detox 
315 W 57th St between Eighth and Ninth Aves (212-845-9812, yelospa.com). Regularly $80.
 TONY deal Mention TONY for 20 percent off this service through Feb 19.
Weeks filled with instant dinners often make me feel tired and sluggish. Massage therapist Taisha Cortes helped me flush out my high-sodium diet by hooking me up to an IonCleanse Foot Spa, a machine that purportedly detoxifies the body by drawing out negative ions through osmosis (the band applies alternating positive and negative currents). After attaching a strap to my wrist, wrapping a heated band around my stomach (over my kidneys) and soaking my feet in warm salt water, Cortes left me alone for about 30 minutes to relax. Post-treatment, the water was stained with differently colored residue based on the parts of my body from which it came: Green, for example, is from the lymphatic system, while brown comes from the liver. Finally, Cortes dimmed the lights and administered a 15-minute foot massage and reflexology session as I relaxed in one of the spa's plush chairs.
Best part:
 The massage and reflexology session rejuvenated my newly cleansed system and left me feeling completely at ease.
Why it's worth it:
 Living a high-stress, high-chemical lifestyle can weigh the body down considerably over time. After ridding myself of some toxins, I felt far lighter and calmer, like I'd spent the day sitting by the ocean instead of in a cubicle.—RF

Euphora Health Medi-Spa and Salon: Platza treatment 
3815 Northern Blvd between 38th and Steinway Sts, Astoria, Queens (718-786-4558,euphoraciti.com). Regularly $50. 
TONY deal Mention TONY and the word "banya" for 15 percent off spa and salon services, plus banya facilities, through Feb 29.
After leading me to a sauna where I laid facedown on a bed of towels, Platza specialist Tibor Juhasz grabbed two bundles of eucalyptus-soaked oak branches and rapidly shook them over my back, creating a steady shower that grew warmer with every flick of his wrists. Next, he rustled the leaves along the entire length of my body, alternating long, sweeping brushes with concentrated, drum-like pats. After a sufficient beatdown, I exited the sauna and plunged into Euphora's icy indoor pool.
Best part: I'm not sure which was more invigorating—the shock of the freezing cold water after the treatment, or repeating the entire process faceup. 
Why it's worth it: I left feeling five pounds lighter and as many years younger, and later drifted into the deepest of sleeps.—LFC

FineLiving New York Ayurveda: Abhyanga-Garshana 
154 W 14th St between Sixth and Seventh Aves, fourth floor (646--384-3525,newyorkayurveda.com). Regularly $95. 
TONY deal Mention TONY when booking or at time of appointment for 20 percent off all treatments through Feb 28.
Going into this treatment, I knew nothing about the 5,000-year old Indian treatment known as Ayurveda until my technician, Kavita Rawat, explained that she determines which dosha (a term that describes your metabolic characteristics) I fall under based on a number of physical and mental observations such as weight, hair texture and appetite. After deciding I am in the Pitta category, she put together a treatment of oils (including sandalwood and sunflower) that would help bring my body back to equilibrium and balance out any issues like excessive thirst and sleeping problems.
Best part: Before applying the oils, Rawat brushed my skin with silk gloves to increase lymphatic drainage and release toxins. Not only does this step allow the oils to sink in more deeply, but it helped lull me into a state of total relaxation. 
Why it's worth it: While it takes more than one treatment to reap all the benefits of Ayurveda, I left feeling energized rather than sluggish, a common side effect I encounter after most massages.—ED


Benefit Boutique Soho: Eyebrow Waxing and Tinting 
454 West Broadway between W Houston and Prince Sts (212-769-1111,benefitcosmetics.com). Wax $23, tint $20.
As a naturally bushy-faced gal, I've tried my fair share of waxes. This modern and feminine take on the old-school barbershop was a refreshing change. Instead of being sequestered in a side room to bear the treatment in private, I was seated at the communal Brow Bar. The vanities—along with bright lights, glam-girl decor and upbeat music—created a clubby vibe, while the ultrasensitive wax meant no wincing or tears. For the tinting, my aesthetician, Nicky Cayot, mixed a custom color that perfectly highlighted and glossed my dark hair.
Best part:
 It took only seven minutes for my Sasquatch-like brows to be waxed, shaped and tweezed, and I was in and out of the boutique in well under half an hour. 
Why it's worth it:
 Every eyebrow treatment ends with a makeup application that incorporates Benefit's popular face and lip tint. I didn't have to hide any postwaxing puffiness, and my entire face looked twice as good as when I'd arrived.—Meg Rushton

Bliss Spas: Oxygen Blast 
Locations throughout city; visit blissworld.com for more info. $85.
 TONY deal MentionTONY when booking this treatment to receive a free body butter through Feb 12.
My aesthetician, Emmie Zaharia (a Bliss vet of nine years), first cleared my face of makeup before analyzing my weary skin with a magnifying glass. She then exfoliated my face with a fruit acid wash and followed that with a heavenly head massage. Afterward, she slathered on a thick Declor balm to hydrate and calm my skin, using a series of strokes, pulls and finger flutters to activate blood circulation for a fresh-faced look. 
Best part: Each session ends with a vitamin-packed regenerating oxygen mist, which feels like a gentle airbrushing and left my skin feeling smoother and looking brighter.
Why it's worth it:
 The treatment is a perfect, quick pick-me-up for battling winter winds—my skin was clear and hydrated for days afterward.—Samantha Vance

Dermalogica Soho: MicroZone Eye Rescue 
110 Grand St between Broadway and Mercer St (212-219-9800, dermalogica.com). $35.
 TONY deal Mention TONY when booking to receive a Dermalogica Amenity Pack (samples worth $20) when you book any treatment, and to receive 10 percent off any treatment through Feb 29.
As with all of the brand's treatments, this service begins with a brief consultation and thorough Face Mapping. Skin therapist Melissa Contaste examined every inch of my mug to determine that my tired eyes are hereditary but also caused by a lack of moisture. After cleansing the eye area, Melissa used soft, long stokes to exfoliate, then blasted steam onto my visage to help soften the skin and open follicles. For my personalized service, Contaste used Dermalogica's professionals-only (you can buy a similar version in-store) Age Smart Complex for a massage that helped alleviate puffiness and brighten my eyes. 
Best part:
 Each service is individually tailored to your skin's needs. At the end of my 20-minute treatment, a customized mask was applied as I relaxed in an oversized leather chair.
Why it's worth it:
 It's a perfect lunchtime pick-me-up; you can return to work feeling refreshed and without any redness or blotchiness.—Rachel LeWinter

D'mai Urban Spa: D'mai Spa Manicure 
157 Fifth Ave between Lincoln and St Johns Pls, Park Slope, Brooklyn (718-398-2100,dmaiurbanspa.com). $30.
 TONY deal Mention TONY when booking or at time of appointment for 20 percent off all treatments through Feb 24.
This nail-chomper's gnarled tips are a challenge for many manicurists, but the spa's sole nail technician, Martha Guaman, didn't blink an eye at my half-scratched-off, half-chipped polish job. Instead, she methodically repaired the damage by filing, soaking, moisturizing and oiling my hands, finishing the treatment with a sugar-ginger scrub and a quick coat of polish. Animal lovers take note: D'mai exclusively uses vegan products from SpaRitual.
Best part:
 Martha let me keep the mini bottle of formaldehyde- and toluene-free polish so I could do touch-ups at home and hopefully avoid the first chip that often leads to a nail-biting binge.
Why it's worth it:
 The vegan polish takes longer to dry than other polishes, but after a stint in the nail radiator, the manicure was so solid that my winter gloves didn't even make a dent. My nails remained unchipped (and unbitten!) for almost a full week.—Sharyn Jackson