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NYC bear guide

NYC bears are hardly confined to one habitat. Use our bear guide to find where you can party with these friendly, furry urban creatures.

Photograph: Gustavo Monroy
Urban Bear Guide: The Urban Bear Street Fair

Undeniably, the NYC bear scene has moved from subculture to the gay mainstream in the past few years, thanks in part to large-scale events like Urban Bear Weekend and Provincetown, Massachusetts's Bear Week. At this point, bearded, husky guys dominate much of gay clubs and nightlife, from gay bars like Stonewall and Rockbar to mega dance parties including Horse Meat Disco and the Fur Ball. So what makes a bear? These days, it's pretty much anyone with face fuzz and a bit of extra meat on his bones. We're not generally hung up on labels around here, but there's no denying that these guys throw some of the best parties around. Our NYC bear guide will help you navigate the furry forest.

NYC bear events and bars


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NYC bear photos and videos


Gay bear videos

Bears are a viral sensation! Check out these fuzzy videos from all corners of the Web.

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NYC bear photos

Check out our images of bears in their natural habitat of NYC nightlife

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