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Wolf Eyes + Hubble + Foreplay + Soren

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Photograph: Doug Coombe
Wolf Eyes
Following a string of superlimited CD-Rs, Michigan’s Wolf Eyes returns with the cohesive yet demonic No Answer: Lower Floors (De Stijl), its first widely released record since 2009’s Always Wrong. With a reshuffled lineup in the wake of Mike Connelly’s departure to focus on Hair Police and a solo project, Failing Lights, Wolf Eyes has morphed toward becoming an actual song-oriented, minimalist animal. If it’s not the raging clatterfests of yore, No Answer: Lower Floors is still a harsh driller. Also on the bill is local six-string freethinker Ben Greenberg, whom you might have caught with the Men, presenting kaleidoscopic DIY minimalism under his Hubble solo guise.
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