The 50 best brunch places in NYC: Staten Island

Eggs, pancakes, brunch cocktails! See our list of Staten Island’s best brunch options.

Whether you already live there or have to hop on the Staten Island Ferry, these brunch spots are worth visiting. Try the three-course meal at Spanish tapas bar Beso, or savor an avocado breakfast burrito at Alor Café. After you’ve visited one of the borough’s best brunchrestaurants, check out one of the many oft-overlooked top attractions in Staten Island.

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The best spots for brunch in Staten Island

Alor Café

Deep in the sleepy Staten Island enclave of Grant City, this usually pulsating lounge forgoes the DJ during brunch time for flatscreens playing cartoons. Grab a booth at an arched window and dig into the avocado breakfast burrito, sweet-corn omelette or sunny-side-egg-topped chicken schnitzel. Tear the kids away from the restaurant’s stash of Wikki Stix by offering them a PB&J-and-banana sandwich.

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Though Beso is billed as a Spanish tapas bar, the menu at this sexy little spot goes far beyond Iberia (through Cuba, Mexico and Puerto Rico, for starters), making up for a lack of focus with big flavors and conviviality. The three-course brunch is just $25 per person. With options like sautéed mussels, clams and calamari over penne in a spicy tomato sauce, and baked scrambled eggs with spinach, bacon and cheese, the price is a steal. Choose the soup of the day or a salad and go straight for a fruity-sweet glass of tequila-spiked sangria. And even if you’re stuffed, make room for dessert, like fluffy sopapillas or tres leches cake.

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