Your perfect lunch

Step away from the keyboard. Whether your midday meal is about business or pleasure, we’ve got a lunch worth breaking for. Edited by Jordana Rothman



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Kenneth C. Zirkel

Where to get lunch near you

The best lunch spots in 15 neighborhoods.

Food porn: Lunch dishes

46 delicious reasons to take a break.

Best lunch-only dishes

  • Price band: 1/4

These destination-worthy eats are served only in the afternoon.

Best boozy lunches

  • Price band: 1/4

Whether you're a three-martini ad exec or an ale-swilling freelancer, there's a liquid lunch for you.

High-end lunch deals

  • Price band: 1/4

Some of the city's best—and priciest—restaurants offer discounts during the day.

Best sandwiches

  • Price band: 1/4

Between locally sourced ingredients and unexpected flavor combinations, bread's never had it this good.

Lunch deals to go

  • Price band: 1/4

Multiple components in these affordable meals will hold your attention—even if you have to eat over your keyboard.

Stylish lunch gear

Beyond the brown bag: Tiffins, haute lunch pails, high-design thermoses and other cool totes for your grub.

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