Bear with us

Urban Bear Weekend is upon us! Check out these local furry wild things. Click the pictures for more on each bear.



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Matthew (a.k.a. Chauncey D), 33
DJ, author

Habitat: Astoria, Queens
Bear subspecies: Just bear
Being a bear is... "It took me a little time to embrace the term bear because I thought it was just an excuse to be out of shape (ha ha!). But it's about being comfortable with yourself whether the hair on your chest is trendy or not. Hopefully, it becomes less about your outer shell and more about your mind. Most bears I know tend to be more intellectual; have better taste in music, art, and film; and tend to be creative in general."
Hunt that bear this weekend! "I'll possibly be deejaying one of the Urban Bear events, working the door at the Truck Stop party and attending as many events as I can with or without my boyfriend."
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