New York sex bloggers recommend sex blogs and podcasts

We asked some of our favorite local sex bloggers to share which sex blogs they click on and podcasts they download.

You won’t be surprised to know the Internet is teeming with sex blogs, erotic resources and frisky podcasts documenting various sexploits, experiences of sex workers and the advice of sex educators. But where to start? We asked some of our favorite sex bloggers and writers, like Rachel Kramer Bussel and Slutever, for their go tos, and they turned us on to resources like trans magazine Original Plumbing.

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Rachel R. White,
Followers of this freelance writer and journalist’s missives and blogs are used to learning about her life. White’s shared her experiences of marrying young, Google relationships and the stigma against sex writers. White founded Lady Porn Day (February 22), a feminist celebration of pornography and masturbation, and No Make-up Week in September, which was profiled by female-focused blog Jezebel and beauty mag Allure.

Her favorite resources: White frequents group blog Tits and Sass (, for a humorous take by sex workers on their industry; magazine Original Plumbing (, which highlights different voices of the trans community through photographs, personal essays and interviews; and forum Auto Straddle (, to connect with an online community of queer women.

[Editor’s note: Rachel R. White has recently written for TONY on sex and dating. See “Sex parties in New York,” “Inside a sugar-daddy party,” “Relationship styles at Occupy Wall Street,” “Inside the KinkyJews Hanukkah Celebration,” “Live photos: Mr. Lower East Side Pageant (NSFW),” “Domestic partnerships” and “Sex addiction in New York City.”]

Rachel Kramer Bussel,,
Author and cupcake enthusiast Rachel Kramer Bussel is known for editing books on kinky couples, spanking and bondage. Her blog tells the story of her sex writer escapades, such as traveling to Dubai, live-tweeting from an interview with Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James and speaking at sexuality conference CatalystCon (

Her favorite resources: Kramer Bussel listens to the podcast of Sex Nerd Sandra (, who discusses the most thrilling erogenous zones and how to use puzzling sex toys; and reads Funky Brown Chick (, a personal account of a sex educator navigating the NYC dating scene.

Sinclair Sexsmith,
As a self-proclaimed “kinky queer butch top,” Sinclair Sexsmith blogs about BDSM (such as articles on how to be dominant without being a misogynist) and gender exploration (including a workshop on the psychology behind sex with strap-ons). His erotica short stories have been published in bondage, lesbian and genderqueer anthologies.

His favorite resources: Mr. Sexsmith turns to the boys from Quickie New York ( and lesbian author of Learning How to Tell You ( for erotic writings. For a more theoretical take on the practicalities of sex, he turns to sex educator Charlie Glickman (, BDSM writer Clarisse Thorn ( and The Masocast (, a podcast that interviews NYC kinksters. He cites Young Adult sex-education blog Scarleteen ( as being hugely influential on both his writing and his attitude toward sex and gender.

Professional dom and Brooklynite Karley Sciortino’s five-year-old blog shows a combination of both self-doubt and self-acceptance. She posts on feeling “tragic” while giving a blow job in the fitting room of boutique Rainbow, but is proud that there are people out there wearing T-shirts emblazed with a photo of her decidedly hairy vagina (you can buy one of the 200 tees that were printed on her site for $40). The blog is also an informative resource, with interviews with other doms that provide BDSM-for-beginners primers, and Q&As with readers. (A recent topic, How many times can you really drunk-text a guy?).

Her favorite resources: Karley has an insatiable appetite for Sugar Tits (, an anonymous blog of a woman’s various sex adventures, including stripping and high-class prostitution. For funny, frank information, she listens to Dan Savage’s Savage Love podcast (


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