The perv's guide to NYC

We hit the streets, the strip clubs and gay Bronx orgies in search of the city's scintillating underground. Lord have mercy, Staten Island is sexier than you think!



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Planet Pleasure


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Connie's Sex Parties
The elusive Connie advertises her weekly swingers' party in the The Village Voice classifieds section, inviting couples and singles into her private home for "drinks, food and lots of adult fun."

Planet Pleasure
At night this novelty retailer morphs into a "couple-friendly, girl-friendly lounge." Expect to be chatted up by co-owner Sonny, the self-dubbed "Hugh Hefner of Staten Island...minus the millions"; he'll proffer sexual advice to anyone within earshot. 41 Victory Blvd at Bay St (718-447-8600,

Nitecap Video
Staten Island bad-mouthers, meet NYC's biggest sex shop, a brightly lit warehouse stocked with love swings, lube, dildos, and such fine DVD titles as Grannies Love Trannies ($29.99). Why go when you can order the same thing online, sans shame? "People want to touch and see it before they use it," says Nitecap employee Jacqueline. 690 Gulf Ave at Forest Ave (718-370-8100,

The King of Tickle
Tommy McNeil, a.k.a. Staten Island's "King of Tickle," teases feet, ribs, armpits and other PG sensitive parts in what has become a booming fetish enterprise. While the King doesn't do raunchy, you can interpret his services however you like.

Lipsticks Club
This topless bar is located in a strip mall, right near a Top Tomato supermarket and Victory Gymnastics studio. We asked one Victory employee (who chooses to remain anonymous) if parents ever express concern about their precious babies training so close to stripper poles. "Constantly," she says. "But it's not too big a deal. They operate at different hours than we do, so there's not much overlap." 3575 Victory Blvd between Crane St and Travis Ave (718-761-1461)

Philip Garippa
Dr. Phil , licensed clinical social worker and the Island's only certified sex therapist, treats erectile dysfunction and the sex disorder vaginismus, among other things. Some couples come to him after "five to ten years without having intercourse," when they want kids. "I've treated 30 or 40 people and had a 100 percent success rate," he says. "[Those who wanted to] have all gotten pregnant. A couple of them even named their kids after me, which is cool!" 2907 Amboy Rd at Amber St (718-442-6552)

QSINY Bar, Midland Beach
QSINY is the first full-time gay bar and restaurant to open on Staten Island in nearly 15 years. Owner Jim McKkernan, a fifth-generation Islander, founded it with his partner, Ray Carr, because "it's expensive to get off the island! This is home, and it's nice to be able to stay home and be gay." As another resident told us, "Before Q, we had to meet online, ...or in bushes or parking lots." Check out homegrown drag queen Luscious Lola's shows every Friday night; otherwise, Thursdays are for guys, Wednesdays are for girls, and the rest of the nights are mixed. 632 Midland Ave at Patterson AveOutwater Ln (800-QSINY22,

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Pop-up brothels
There's still a "stroll" between the St. George courthouse and the projects, but according to former social worker John Molina, many sex workers have set up temporary brothels all over the island: "Four or five get together and rent a house, and have the gentlemen come there," he says. "They share expenses and feel safer."—Steven W. Thrasher

The stats

1: Number of Republican congressmen representing New York City in 2008
100: Percentage of Republican congressmen representing New York City in 2008 embroiled in a sex scandal
0: Number of Republican congressmen representing New York City in 2009

Manhattan | Brooklyn | Queens | Staten Island | Bronx



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