Essential fall fashion: Your affordable New York style guide

Use our fall fashion shopping guide to turn designers' runway concepts into real-life style you'll want to wear on the streets of New York.



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You love to sneer at all things fashion-related, but the industry actually does a lot for New York-bucket hats and It bags aside.

Eyes of the needle

A snapshot of the (thriving? dying?) Garment District.

Aim to pleat

Designer Alexander Wang breaks down a skirt's trip from his brain to the sales rack.

Fashionable at all costs

Each of these aggressively stylish New Yorkers makes less than $50K. How do they manage to look different every day?

Model friendships

How's life with a runway--ready BFF? Not bad. (Especially the free drinks.)

You saw it here first

A few of this season's runway fashions already debuted on NYC streets-months ago. Below, some "new" fall trends that may look ...

Worn identity

These fashion ringers don't always dress according to the runways. Here's what they're most excited to wear this fall.

Not in Vogue... yet

Three young design stars-about to break into the big time-reveal their inspirations, from novels to country music.

Trend game

There are looks that die a quick death (and deserve it), and then there are those that last (and come back). Here, our favorite ...

Now you see it, now you don't

A look at fashion highs, lows and disappearing acts courtesy of the always capricious Vogue.

Fashion avenue

Which look is the most New York?

Where to buy

Scope out these shops for the clothing, accessories and products featured.

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