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    Pilgrim 70 Orchard St
    Lower East Side
    New York

  • Cross Street:

    between Broome and Grand Sts

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    Tue–Thu noon–7pm; Fri, Sat noon–8pm; Sun noon–6pm

  • Transport:

    Subway: B, D to Grand St

  • Map

    1. Pilgrim
      • 70 Orchard St
        Lower East Side
        New York
      • 212-463-7720
      • pilgrimnyc.com
      • 40.717466,-73.990288

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Michelle J
3 of 3 found helpful

incredible vintage Chanel and jewelry but so many other designers here as well.  A stylist, model, editor favorite.  I saw Padma from Top Chef here last week.  So cool.

Laura Eaton
3 of 3 found helpful

As an ex model and a recruiter in the fashion business now, I've known these guys for years and they are experts! Expertly curated with a careful eye. Exquisite taste and they know their customer. If you aren't into fashion then this probably isn't for you. It's not Macys. It's a beautifully cared for boutique with very unique items from jewelry, handbags to japanese designer avant garde designer items. Stacks of Jewelry. They often consult with film and Tv productions as well for accessories and I just love coming here. Beautiful.

zagat user
3 of 3 found helpful

best unique store in NY outside of anything in Paris. Beautifully curated. Yes it's expensive, but you get what you pay for and here everything is top of the line and in the most perfect condition. Rare and unique. Not for the thrifty but everyone deserves a treat now and then. Superb. The staff is super helpful I find with unique styling tips and suggestions.

Elizabeth Li
2 of 2 found helpful

amazing. best designer vintage I've ever seen. Chanel, Hermes, YSL, Dior, Valentino, Japan designers, incredible jewelry, very reasonable for what they offer. High end luxury designer vintage. If you love this kind of unique fashion and want your own style, this is the place.

Anelore B
1 of 1 found helpful

The most incredible Chanel handbags I've ever seen and the Chanel jewelry is also just amazing.  What a chic little boutique.  Makes me think of the high end stores like this in Paris.

Kiera B
1 of 1 found helpful

amazing very french style boutique on the lower east side.  a hidden insider gem. love this place.

Allie Weiss
1 of 1 found helpful

Fabulous Five Stars. Best guys on the planet. Extremely helpful service and not pushy! My girlfriend Louise swears by this place and now I"m a convert. A very fashionista insider boutique.

Hiroko Tomika
1 of 1 found helpful

Love all the japan designer vintage represented here. they have everything that is cool and rare. Extremely cool store. Racks and Racks of fashion which I love.

Adelia F.
1 of 1 found helpful

Saw the article in KLM airlines magazine on the way back from Amsterdam! Incredible vintage Chanel. Stunning little boutique of fashion. I can see why it has such an incredible reputation.

A Zagat User
1 of 1 found helpful

Quite a lovely boutique. Great service, fashion professionals with the best stuff. Great vintage authentic Chanel, Hermes, YSL, Dior, Bottega, all the labels a lady would want! Great jewelry as well. For on the go, this is the place to shop and get really unique items.

Erin Cunningham
1 of 1 found helpful

Curated delightfully chic. Accessories dominate as does japanese designer vintage and Chanel vintage. Fashion Heaven, a personality all it's own.

Alexandra Shulman
1 of 1 found helpful

Vintage Chanel at it's finest. Beautifully presented boutique. One of my favorite stops when I'm in New York.

Elizabeth Murray
1 of 1 found helpful

The knowledgeable guys who own this boutique are well known as having incredible taste. I love the ever changing look of the store, the inventory constantly being re-invented. I travel all the time for work, and whether I"m in San Francisco, Los Angeles or Paris I always love coming here as I know I will find something I can't get anywhere else. They are known for the best Vintage Japanese designer clothing as well as the incredible vintage Chanel, but there is so much more here, the jewelry, the accessories, the clothes. Really great tips as well and they give great advice. It's a very personal store and they always help me when I need something for an event or party and it's always spot on!

yukiko tajima
1 of 1 found helpful

Great review in japan Elle. I love this store. Very unusual for New York, fashion - not commercial.

Emelie Guillot
1 of 1 found helpful

I never write reviews, but being from Paris, I usually find New York in the present a bit disappointing for fashion. This is the place I go to for inspiration. Always inspiring how they put together outfits and accessories, great styling, everything presented beautifully. It is very upscale Parisian in flavor and they certainly know fashion. Very beautiful indeed.

Emma Becotte
1 of 1 found helpful

I went last week as I arrived from Paris after a month long stay and never finding what I wanted in Chanel vintage. I came to Pilgrim and they had the exact bag I was searching for and since I pay dollars no Euro it was cheaper. I cant' believe nice guys who know exactly what you want. I recommend to friends

Petra Rosenzweig
1 of 1 found helpful

One of my favorite boutiques. Something for everyone. Huge vast designer jewelry, japanese vintage and tons of Chanel and other designers. Very nice place and they leave you alone. they actually let you browse which I love. No pressure, no hard obnoxious salespeople. Cool.

1 of 1 found helpful

Fantastic. Incredible handbags from YSL, Celine, Valentino, Chanel, Hermes, all like mint condition. Great jewelry from all different styles. I got an amazing Christian LaCroix 80's Couture necklace for $450. It is amazing. They also have great clothing, you might have a dig a little deep but its worth it. Lots of Japanese Designer Vintage in immaculate shape. A must for anyone into seriously having a unique wardrobe.

Catherine B.
1 of 1 found helpful

As a stylist I've been pulling items and buying here for years. These guys really know fashion. I've been an acquaintance one of the owners for over 15 years in the fashion business. They have a great eye from the vintage Valentino Coats (which I adore) to the Chanel, YSL and some really great pieces from obscure designers. Beautiful costume jewelry can be found throughout the store. I love these guys.

Eva Chen
1 of 1 found helpful

Fantastic Curation and Editing of sublime fashion. Something for everyone here at every price point. Unique, nothing else like it I've ever been to and I shop frequently. Definitely a stop for anyone into serious fashion.

Catherine D.
1 of 1 found helpful

well known stylists roam this store! LOL. It's a treasure of delights. Rare and unique fashion. Great shopping everytime I come here.

Caroline G

read the Racked Ny article about their Chanel sale.  It was worth it.  I got a great Chanel bag at a very reasonable price for a 2.55 double flap lambskin iconic bag.  I looked at about 6 bags, they were very patient and I will definitely come back for my 2nd Chanel and the next.  I might start collecting them.  I love Chanel bags.

Kiera B

amazing very french style boutique on the lower east side.  a hidden insider gem. love this place.

A Zagat User

Definitely five star fashion shopping. The most amazingly beautifully curated store. Best vintage Chanel you will find in New York.

Emelie Revillione

I'm always so happy when I buy another Chanel bag. This is definitely supreme for me. I see new bags every time and they are all "like new" or rare. Perfect for me. I love Pilgrim.

Marie Allionet

More Chanel than these eyes can behold. I didn't know where to look. Just extremely amazing cool vibe. Thanks for the presents! Ha! I bought for myself..... xx

Valentina Ramos

Absolutely adore these guys. The vintage Chanel is from Paris so it's like new. Seriously. The bags are in such good condition it's amazing. The best place to go if you want nice selection and best condition. Also they have other designer items from Hermes, LV, Dior, YSL, Ferragamo, Rykiel, jewelry from Paris, something for everyone. I got the most amazing runway Missoni 70s' necklace here for $400. Not cheap, but Missoni jewelry new is over $1,000 for a necklace like this and the quality isn't as good as the vintage pieces.

Laura Goldstein

I bought the most beautiful vintage mint condition super jumbo Chanel here for $2900. It was a really good price considering Chanel and it's perfect like new condition. I couldn't be happier. the service was really attentive, they showed me several bags and I left very happy. I went to Chanel first, and there was a wait list for anything I wanted and the bags were mostly about $5800 due to the price increases at Chanel. This is the place if you want Chanel. Super experience and I'm definitely telling my girlfriends to run down here, they have an amazing selection.

Sarah O'Dell Johnson

Total wow factor, especially for an independent American store. This store would be among the best in the Marais in Paris. If you want luxury, unqiue items, dresses, accessories, something that no one else will most likely have than this is the place for you. Not to mention this place is swarmed with vintage Chanel fanatics! These guys running this store are experts. Fantastic.

Mirabelle Watkins

I really love a great boutique. Something for everyone here. Super nice guys that know everything and then some about fashion. Very unique for New York. A real fashion boutique like in Paris. And they don't sell junk, like they sell very nice luxury fashion that is well edited.

Marielle L.

Beautiful store, exquisite vintage Chanel. Designer luxury. I love this place. Truly a very special boutique in my heart.

Daniela Flancher

What's not to like about a store that carries luxury items such as YSL, Valentino, Chanel, Dior, Hermes pristine and rare bags? I"m a total handbag freak. This place is better than anything in Paris. Not cheap, but I find very fairly priced for what they deliver. Go to Bergdorf's or Chanel, compare and then realize how much you save! Super nice guys. Thanks. Love you guys!

Lisa Schiller

I saw the review on a fashion blog about this place having the most incredible boutique in New York and I finally made it here on Saturday. I had to write a review as it was a wonderful experience. I found an incredible rare Christian LaCroix necklace, a 70's Dior Necklace, and a beautiful Valentino bag as well as a really cute Comme Des Garcons pleated black skirt that was only $200. I spent over an hour here. Will definitely return. Some fashion blogs are really great for finds like this.

Laurie Tobin

I saw the vintage Chanel bag I wanted on their facebook page and literally flew over in a taxi. The guys here are super nice and showed me a few style tips and I also scored a Romeo Gigli marked down skirt $85! that is gorgeous. There are finds here! No wonder they have such a cult following. Love this store. Thanks guys!

Jessica Vance

5 star luxe. Great curated unique store. Best vintage Chanel and other designer handbags anywhere. Fab!!! I love coming here everytime I"m in New York.


I went there to browse and was turned off by the snobbishness of the place. You get better treatment at bergdorf than at pilgrim. I asked the price of some chanel pieces, and the staff in the store is always in front of his computer, and when he gets up to help you, he makes you feel like he is doing you a favor. His items are nice, but he made me feel so little looking at his items, i felt so relieved when i stepped out not buying a single item.

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