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Know your New York cyclist: A user's guide to identifying New York bikers

Kurt McRobert's illustrated guide to identifying New York biker types. Which New York cyclist are you?

Illustration by Kurt McRobert
Usually spotted in pairs, these late twenty-somethings are trying to escape their dull routine and have an adventure! They can be seen casually riding through parks or exploring the vast urban landscape while point out "interesting" things to each other.
Illustration by Kurt McRobert
Fed up with the MTA, this cyclist has taken back control of their life. Equipped with the latest fold-up bike, they arrive to work sweaty and out of breath, ready to take on the day!
Illustration by Kurt McRobert
When not performing 180's and bunny hops, these teenagers can be found loitering in various paved open spaces, most notably Union Square. They are often seen in large groups drinking fountain sodas and texting.
Illustration by Kurt McRobert
The underpaid cyclist all New Yorkers loathe... except when he's bringing your food. A nihilist on wheels, this cyclist respects nothing. He rides with his hazardously large red pizza box the wrong way down streets and bike lanes and on sidewalks.
Illustration by Kurt McRobert

The cyclist you love to hate. While often dismissed as a dangerous fashion trend, this cyclist yearns for simplicity and harmony in the gritty chaos of NYC. They can be easily recognized by their brightly colored, brake-less bicycles and non-stop pedaling.

Illustration by Kurt McRobert

The middle-aged cyclist with something to prove. You bet they can race AND they have a the expendable income to buy a $5,000 bike and matching tights with the padded butt crack. They will always be seen training for the next big race, riding laps around Central Park.

Illustration by Kurt McRobert

This cyclist will never be seen wearing a helmet, because "helmet hair" is way more embarassing than a crushed skull. They are most frequently seen walking their bikes along Bedford Ave, wearing Ray-Bans or ironically smoking cigarettes and talking on their iPhones while trying to ride up the Williamsburg Bridge.

Illustration by Kurt McRobert
This fashion forward cyclist is most often seen cruisin' the streets of Soho. Is she going shopping? Maybe to a cafe for a fair trade latte with soy milk? A photoshoot perhaps? You will never know because she will never talk to you... ever.
Illustration by Kurt McRobert

This cyclist has no time for bullshit. There are long plastic tubes to be delivered to tall buildings. As highly evolved utilitarians who have a fearless and instinctual command NYC traffic, they flow down Broadway like fish downstream. However, their cunning is too often the cause of their demise.

Illustration by Kurt McRobert

Don't be fooled by his khaki shorts and extra white teeth. This man is dedicated. He can often be seen hauling up to 50 lbs of disinterested progeny around Prospect Park in a vain attempt to strengthen the bond between father and child.

Illustration by Kurt McRobert
These cyclists are most often seen riding rent-a-bikes, wearing fanny packs and stopping abruptly in the middle of bridges to take scenic photos. They are generally underexperienced and physically unfit for a demanding urban environment such as NYC.
Illustration by Kurt McRobert

While longing for the bygone days of cheap Soho lofts and "happenings," this retired feminist spends her days volunteering at the local food co-op and growing her own in "herbs" in her rooftop greenhouse.


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