Where did you get that body?

We plucked these hotties off the street to find out how they manage to have such excellent physiques. The best part: They're not all gym rats.



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Josh Bird

23, student at Columbia Law School, Morningside Heights

What is your diet?
For breakfast I eat oatmeal with peaches or strawberries. I like grapes, apples and oranges, but if I'm in a hurry, I'll just grab some orange juice. For lunch and dinner, I usually cook something like tuna with a side of vegetables or couscous. If I order in, I'll get sushi. And I drink a ton of water.

What is your exercise regimen?
I'm not a gym guy; I like pickup games. They're easy to play at school because we have an instant team. I'll either play soccer or tennis, or I'll go for a long bike ride down the West Side and around Central Park. I'm also a member of New York Coed Soccer (nycoedsoccer.com), and in the winter I play squash. It's an amazing workout because you're sprinting around. It's really good for your entire body.

What is your fitness philosophy?
I work out because I like to be outside and running around. I don't really like the gym, but I love to be active. I play something every day of the week. I just make time for it.

How do you balance work and exercise?
To me, this is fun. By tying in the stuff that's fun, it's easier to make fitness a priority. Sometimes in the winter it is tougher, so I'll run to the gym, lift weights and then run home.


On a sporty workout...
"By joining a group and making a ritual of working out, you get to be social and train with others," says Jo Ann Weinrib, director and owner of Body Central. "You want activities that will work all of the muscles, but you can alternate. So, for example, soccer is a good way to focus on the lower body, while squash focuses on the upper body."

On a regimen for the rest of us...
"Josh works out every day, but if you're new to working out, you should aim for three times a week with a combination of strength training and cardio," Weinrib says. "Just make sure that you give the body time to rest. Do something very vigorous one day and then yoga the next. You want to make your muscles stronger, but you don't want to overwork or strain them. That will cause tightness and spasms."

—Jaime Jordan

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