Where did you get that body?

We plucked these hotties off the street to find out how they manage to have such excellent physiques. The best part: They're not all gym rats.



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Hot body - Andrew Tower

Andrew Tower

23, freelance writer, currently couch-surfing

What is your diet?
Whatever is lying around: a lot of pizza, beer and recently, hot dogs.

What is your exercise regimen?
I go to the climbing gym three to five times a week for around two hours. It's super social; I end up chilling out and talking to people and then jumping back on it.

What is your fitness philosophy?
It's not a workout—rock climbing is much more fun than lifting weights. If I'm not enjoying it, then I don't want to do it.

How do you balance work and exercise?
I'm a freelancer so I can go during off-hours, but I like to go when my friends get off work—around 6pm.

How do you tame that mane when you're climbing?
I'm looking up most of the time, so I never feel like I have to brush it out of the way!

What is your favorite body part?
My forearms—ladies love them! And I didn't have the lats before I started climbing. I used to be really skinny, but when I started climbing I gained 20 pounds.


On regimen...
Joe DiAngelo, a trainer and nutrition expert at Workout Loft, notes that Andrew's rock climbing works his abs, back and lats. "You can get that with cardio, weight lifting and diet," he says, "but lifting weights gives you the best results in the shortest time."

On diet...
"Andrew's so muscular, he burns almost all that he consumes," DiAngelo says, "but he needs to improve his diet because in the long term, he may have health problems and will gain weight."

On building an even better body...
DiAngelo adds that "Andrew could benefit from some jackknives, assisted pull-ups, squats and military presses to work his legs and shoulders—muscles he doesn't use so much in climbing. This would give him a symmetrical body and the look of perfection."

—Alyssa Pinsker

Want to climb walls? Head to Manhattan Plaza Health Club (482 W 43rd St between Ninth and Tenth Aves; 212-563-7001, mphc.com).

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