Where did you get that body?

We plucked these hotties off the street to find out how they manage to have such excellent physiques. The best part: They're not all gym rats.



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Hot body - Kristin Bledsoe

Kristin Bledsoe

27, handbag designer, Lower East Side

What is your diet?
For breakfast, I always have coffee and some kind of cereal or a banana—I'm usually not that hungry. For lunch I'll have a salad, but to keep me full, I'll include some kind of protein like chickpeas, a hard-boiled egg or half an avocado. I'll also have a piece of in-season fruit. I get home late, so dinner is quick, easy and not very memorable, maybe poached eggs with hot sauce or a veggie burger. For dessert, I'll have a piece of dark chocolate or a cup of yogurt. I try to stay away from pasta and bread. Once the weekend comes, I eat whatever I want.

What is your exercise regimen?
If the waves are good, I'll go out surfing. No matter how in shape I think I am, surfing kicks my ass, makes my arms like Jell-O and leaves me gasping for air, but it's tons of fun. When I need to run errands in my neighborhood, I'll go by skateboard; it's a great cardio workout and good for your legs. In the winter, I love to go snowboarding. And if I can't go boarding, I'll hit the gym for sports conditioning and boot-camp classes.

What is your fitness philosophy?
Sometimes I'm tired so I just want to go home after work, but I force myself to work out because I know I'll feel better if I do. I don't work out in the mornings unless there are good waves, because I value my sleep. A good playlist on my iPod is key for pumping me up and making the workout fun.

How do you balance work and exercise?
I don't view exercise as optional. It's just something that I need to do at least three days a week.


On regimen...
"Kristin's fitness routine incorporates things she wants to do, which keeps her from getting bored and maintains her motivation," says Kendra Coppey, founder of holistic fitness company Barefoot Tiger. "It's a good idea to pick activities that don't seem like exercise, such as Rollerblading, biking or rock climbing."

On diet...
"I'd suggest that she plan ahead for more dinner choices and definitely incorporate more vegetables," Coppey says. "She might consider adding grains like quinoa into her diet. Carbs get a bad rap, but whole grains can be a great source of protein."

On nutrition...
"Kristin says that she isn't that hungry in the morning," Coppey adds. "This could be because she's dehydrated or her metabolism slowed overnight. A glass of water with a lemon wedge would kick-start her metabolism and make her hungrier for breakfast. It's true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day—if you start on empty, you'll crash later on."

—Jaime Jordan

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