Move in with this roommate: In search of a roommate

These New Yorkers are on the hunt for the perfect apartment share.



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  • Photograph: Francine Daveta

  • Photograph: Francine Daveta

  • Photograph: Francine Daveta

Photograph: Francine Daveta

David Kosnitzky, 27, sales representative at a health-care company
:East Village
Rent :$1,250, plus utilities (about $60 per person)

The place: "It's a 10' by 10' bedroom with a window that gets great sun. The building is a top-floor walk-up, so there are no footsteps above us. It has a leather sectional, a flatscreen TV, mirrors and new AC units."

What he's like to live with: "I'm clean, organized and considerate. I work from home during the day, so would prefer not to have loud music from nine to five. I enjoy saying 'hello,' 'good morning,' 'have a good night,' and being friendly with those I surround myself with. Hey, I'm a caring guy. I enjoy watching bad TV—should I not admit that to NYC?!? I don't take myself too seriously, I commute around the city on Rollerblades, and I follow the motto, 'If better is possible, is good good enough?'"

His ideal roommie: "I'd prefer to live with a male; it makes things easier. Having mutual interests and being able to build a friendship would be kick-ass. Home is where the heart is, and I've been creating a home here for the past two years. It would be grand if my roommate felt the same and worked to make this apartment their home as well. And if it means us hanging up pictures, then let's go for it! Also, it's key that my future roommate be gay-friendly and open minded to this."

His deal breakers: "No smoking, no drug use, no pets (besides my Mini Schnauzer) and no mess. Clutter just makes the apartment feel small and dirty, so no thank you."

You should also know: "I am a creative—not bizarre—fiber artist. Yes, I like teaching others how to knit. And I ride in Braking the Cycle, a 300-mile bicycle ride every year that raises money for HIV services at the LGBT Center on 13th Street."

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