The List (The Greatest, Most Absurd 100 American Movies Mash-Up Parody Ever Stitched Together)

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Photograph: Gregory Pace
The List

Fasten your seatbelts; it’s a bumpy night. The comedic concept of The List, Bryan T. Donovan’s self-described parody of the American Film Institute’s ranking of the top 100 movies, depends solely on how long you can hear movie quotes or watch recognizable characters and stories artlessly stitched together. The show reveals its taste level early by using Schindler’s List as a jumping-off point, and has almost no structure to hold it together; a YouTube compilation of the films in question would've been quicker and probably funnier than this incoherent mess. Often, the references fail to land at all, as their delivery requires the four committed actors to drop in and out of celebrity impersonations they simply aren’t able to pull off. Once in a while, Donovan’s script lets the cast take a break from stringing together movie lines in bad Katharine Hepburn voices; unfortunately, it’s only for juvenile blue humor. (There’s an extended fart joke that makes Blazing Saddles seem restrained.) The List coulda been a contender, but instead it makes you an offer you can and should refuse.—Austin Ruffer

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