Tony Clip 6: Golden Rainbow (1968)



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If you like your musical numbers big, showy, silly and glitzy, then you've hit the jackpot, friend: They don't get much bigger, showier, sillier and glitzier than this Las Vegas–themed blowout from 1968's Golden Rainbow. This one has it all: Slot machines! Tambourines! Fake jazz trumpeters in tight green shirts! A showgirl riding a flying cutout of a horse! A dead ringer for Chris Kattan's Mango! A hand-clap interlude! Future Tony winner and Gilmore Girls granny Carole Bishop working the hell out of a long white boa! A strong contender for the gayest four-man stage cross ever (2:42)! And, of course, a final shout-out of the title of the show, just in case you may have missed it: "Golden Rainbow!!!" You're welcome.—Adam Feldman

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