Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” Super Bowl ad is the cutest thing ever

The adorable commercial—featuring puppies, horses, beer and everything that is good in the world—has gone viral



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Photograph: Still via YouTube

Making a strong case for the cutest commercial of all time, Budweiser's Super Bowl spot follows a little yellow lab's escape from an adoption center…and the friendship he forms with a Clydesdale horse. Here's what happens: The puppy gets adopted and taken away from his pen. He’s sad, the Clydesdale is sad, and well, we were sad too. But wait—the horse and his equine crew stand together, follow the car that took away the pup and force the driver to come to a stop. Then, the horse and his lovable canine friend get to live happily ever after (#BestBuds, of course). Oh, and it's set to Passenger's hit single "Let Her Go."

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In two days, the Super Bowl commercial has already reached over 25 million views on YouTube. But the ad itself isn’t the only thing getting attention; the Budweiser Puppy already has over 4,000 followers (and counting) on Twitter. Go ahead, we won’t judge you if you follow him, too.

Do you have puppy fever yet?  If you answered yes—and why wouldn't you?—then you might want to check out the cutest Puppy Bowl Experience there ever was.

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