Louis Armstrong International Music Festival

Louis Armstrong

It’s (a little sad but) perhaps safe to say that America probably wouldn’t have latched onto jazz music if it weren’t for Louis Armstrong’s ability to charm an audience. This Sunday you can honor the guy at the Louis Armstrong International Music Festival where attendees can check out some of the best jazz music from around the world (including a personal favorite, the Cuban-American singer Albita) and also chomp down on some grub from some of NYC’s most delicious multicultural food trucks. You can also go to the nearby Queens Museum for a “jazz soiree” from 4 to 7pm, honoring the ate, great musician. If all you know of his work is “What a Wonderful World,” this is the perfect time to learn more; and if you’re a big fan of Armstrong’s or simply a jazz-head in general, this is a can’t-miss event. Great food, great music, and a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Event phone: 718-544-2996
Event website: http://kupferbergcenter.org
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