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Modern dandy

Jamil V. Moen ("please include the V or my mother will be disappointed"), 29, Brooklyn Heights

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What do you do? I am the head of PR and brand communications for Kiki de Montparnasse. I also occasionally lend an eye and an ear to Joya (joyacandle.com), a home ambience collection.

How would you classify your style? My friend Claire and I came up with “Grandpa takes a trip.” I’ve since refined it to “Grandpa takes a trip, shipwrecks and goes native.” It’s a bit postcolonial preppy.

What are some of your favorite places to hang out in NYC? I like places with patina. In Brooklyn, I spend the weekend at Ted & Honey, a café and market on Clinton Street. Lovely Day on Elizabeth Street is always a charmer for brunch. I appreciate surprise in a shopping experience more than anything else: For that, I love Tokio 7 and Project No. 8, and Opening Ceremony is still a delight—it’s witty, vibrant and playful.

Why did you choose this location for the photo? This is the street in front of the Kiki de Montparnasse flagship in Soho. I spend most of my time here.

What are you excited to do this fall? I hope I can make more time for performances and movies at BAM. I would like to see the Who. I also am trying not to miss the Buckminster Fuller exhibit—that is a man with a lifestyle to be admired.

Eccentric vintage queen | Art minimalist | Eco-fashionista | Skateboard mogul


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