Party Like It’s 1999: Independence Day Weekend Edition

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Photograph: Syd London
The Bell House's Kentucky Derby Party
Hey, remember the ’90s? Sure you do. Or at least, your parents do. Either way, you’ll most likely recall the decade made famous by the Spice Girls, a President who played the saxophone, JNCO jeans and cheap gas. What better way to celebrate it than at Party Like It’s 1999? They may not be able to make you a rum and Jolt Cola (ah, memories), but they will be able to spin a night of ’90s party tunes so jamtastic that you’ll most definitely bust into the Macarena at some point in the evening. Remember to bring snap bracelets and a healthy sense of humor: Chances are that other attendees are gonna go full tilt and theme it up as they belt out the half-forgotten words to TLC’s “No Scrubs” or, heaven forbid, “Rico Suave.” The main thing , though, is to dance like no one is watching. Nothing is stopping you from doing the Electric Slide in Doc Martens other than the laws of physics and good taste.
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