Places for sunbathing and sunshading

We break down the best sunny and shady spots in all five boroughs, for the Donatella Versace (or Robert Pattinson) in you.



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Manhattan | Brooklyn | Queens | Bronx | Staten Island


Sunbathing: Wave Hill (Independence Ave at 249th St; 718-549-3200,; $3--$6, Saturdays free 9am--noon)
This 28-acre former estate is a public garden and cultural center that overlooks the Hudson River and Palisades. Pop a squat on the spacious lawn—you’ll be surrounded by colorful blooms in a mix of bright hues wherever you sit. Walk to the Aquatic Garden to see the fish, or explore ten acres of woodland trails.
Postsun spot: “Our mission is to connect people with nature,” says Jennifer McGregor, Wave Hill’s director of the arts. Tour “The Muhheakantuck in Focus,” beginning Saturday 1. The Muhheakantuck is the original name for the Hudson River, and the exhibition focuses on its history through painting, sculpture, drawing, video and installations.

Sunshading: Riverdale Park (W 245th St at Palisades Ave, 212-639-9675)
Despite its urban locale, Riverdale Park feels like it’s miles away from any city, thanks to its 50 acres of thick woods, a scenic vista of the Palisades and the Fordham gneiss, which at a billion years old is the most ancient rock formation in New York City. The shaded path is flanked by blooms of woodland wildflowers like jack-in-the-pulpit, bloodroot and blue violet. Bring your binoculars to the Raoul Wallenberg Forest—which is just across the street from Riverdale Park—to catch a glimpse of one of the 27 species of birds, including screech owls and woodpeckers, that call the park home.
Postshade spot: If a day in the park stirs up your appetite, head to nearby Riverdale restaurant Jake’s Steakhouse (6031 Broadway at 243rd St; 718-581-0182, for a hearty meal.

Manhattan | Brooklyn | Queens | Bronx | Staten Island

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