RECESS Lawn Badminton Challenge

Critics' pick
Badminton is a lot like sex. It looks fairly easy until you decide to give it a try, and then six minutes later, you’re a sweaty, crumpled hot mess with grass stains on your knees. Fortunately, 32 coed teams are going to show you exactly how it’s supposed to look at the RECESS Lawn Badminton Challenge as they compete for the bragging rights and vie to become the best shuttlecockers in New York City. You don’t even have to be into sports to enjoy the event…all you have to do is eat food from yumworthy Vietnamese joint An Choi and guzzle some brews from event sponsor Tiger Beer. You may even be inspired to try badminton yourself: Even though it may come across like a highbrow aristocratic sport, there’s a lot of grunting, a lot of squealing, and yet everyone walks away sweaty and happy. Like we said, kind of like sex.
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