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The expert's guide to NYC

Use these tips from Gotham aficionados (including SNL's Seth Meyers) to help you navigate the city like a pro. Edited by Amy Plitt

Photograph: Dale May

The rules of New York life

Everything you need to know to fit in with the natives.

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Impress your friends with these facts

Why does NYC sometimes smell like maple syrup, anyway?

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See vintage NYC at these institutions

Visit a classic dive bar, a quirky museum and more.

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Gawk at four pieces of city history

Learn about Manhattan's grid and Coney Island's creepy wax museum.

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NYC myths busted

No, New Yorkers aren't all jerks—here's why.

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Learn about Gotham's lesser-known past

Visit five obscure spots for a lesson in city history.

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Visit all five boroughs in one day

From Staten Island to Brooklyn, how to see the entire city in 24 hours.

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Check out these quintessential NYC venues and events

You can't call yourself a New Yorker until you've hit these spots.

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What makes you a true New Yorker?

We asked notable city dwellers to share their recommendations and advice.

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Interview: Seth Meyers

SNL's head writer stays true to his first showbiz job and to NYC.

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Street survey: I’m a New Yorker because ­­­_______. (VIDEO)

“Shit New Yorkers Say” stars Eliot and Ilana Glazer interview NYC residents on the street.

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Sticky-note confessions

What's the worst lie you've ever told a tourist?

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mike gargu

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