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What fashion archetype are you?

Follow our guide to find out. Then meet your fashion soulmate.

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Start by finishing this sentence: The last time you cut a price tag off something was...

“Yesterday—have you seen my new gear?!?”

In 1991

“Um, things on eBay don’t come with price tags.”

Questions make my head hurt. I'll just browse through the fashion archetypes.

This weekend, you plan on checking out…

The Brooklyn Flea

The McCarren Park Greenmarket

The Buckminster Fuller exhibit

As a child you'd eat worms to freak out the boys

"Yes and I have a massive taxidermy collection."

"No way, I don't eat meat."

It's morbid, but when your great-aunt dies, you've got your eyes on her...

Old Records

Costume jewelry

You'll follow it up with a drink at...

The Back Room

The Algonquin Hotel

La Esquina

You can't wait to see...

The Women

Bat for Lashes at the Bowery Ballroom, Sept 25

Anything at Film Forum

Kenneth Anger at P.S.1 (starts Oct 19)

You're saving up for...

Your own line of sneakers

A harpsichord

Tickets to the Who, at the Borgata, Oct 31

You're either in a band or about to start one



Your style apes...



You're pumped for the Natural History exhibit...

"Lizards & Snakes: Alive!" (through Jan 5)

The Butterfly of Peace (through Sept 11)

Your look: Modern dandy

Who's ghost would you rather get drunk with?

Marilyn Monroe

Dorothy Parker

Your look: Skateboard mogul

Please stop reading our magazine

Your look: Arty minimalist

You have a secret stash of comic books under your bed

No way

"How did you know?"

Trick Question!

Start over

Your look: Eccentric vintage queen

Your look: Eco-fashionista