Circo di Massenzio & Mausoleo di Romolo


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This large area of lovely green countryside contains one of the best preserved Roman circuses. It was built by Emperor Maxentius for his private use, before his defeat and death at the hands of co-ruler Constantine in AD 312. Remains of the Imperial palace are perched above the track, at its northern end. Earthenware jugs (amphorae) were inserted into the upper sections of the long walls: their empty volume helped lighten the load above the vaults. Also at the north end is the mausoleum Maxentius built for his beloved son Romulus. To the left, forming a wall of a farmhouse, is a mausoleum thought to have belonged to the Servilius family. Underneath other ancient ruins next to the road lie more catacombs, largely unexcavated.

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Via Appia Antica 153

Area Rome