Abbazia delle Tre Fontane


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To the east of the Tre Fontane sports facilities lies a haven of ancient, eucalyptus-scented green, with three churches commemorating the points where St Paul's head supposedly bounced after it was severed from his body in AD 67. (Being a Roman citizen, Paul was eligible for the relatively quick and painless head-chop, as opposed to the long, drawn-out crucifixion.) These are the grounds of the Trappist monastery of Tre Fontane, where water has gurgled and birds have sung since the fifth century.

The church of San Paolo delle Tre Fontane is said to be built on the spot where the apostle was executed; apart from a column to which Paul is supposed to have been tied, all traces of the fifth-century church were done away with in 1599 by architect Giacomo della Porta, who was also responsible for the two other churches. Monks planted the eucalyptus trees in the 1860s, believing they would drive away the malarial mosquitoes; a liqueur is now brewed from the trees and sold in a little shop (no credit cards) along with chocolate and remedies for all ills.

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Abbazia delle Tre Fontane details

Via Acque Salvie 1

Area Rome

Transport Bus 716, 761.

Telephone 06 540 1655

Open Santi Vincenzo e Anastasio 6am-12.30pm, 3-8pm daily. Other churches 8am-1pm, 3-6pm daily. Shop 9am-1pm, 3.30-7pm daily.

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