Tony Elliott
Time Out

In Loving Memory - Tony Elliott 1947-2020

A note from Time Out Group CEO, Julio Bruno: 

It is with a heavy heart that I have to give you the sad news of the passing of Tony Elliott, Time Out’s beloved founder, last night.

Tony had been bravely fighting lung cancer for a long time. He would not allow that to stop him. It was remarkable to see. He kept looking at the world with those inquisitive eyes, with that innate curiosity that very few possess in such measure. And he was so very proud of his baby until the end: Time Out.

Tony kept sending emails and calling until the last minute, not just to me but to several other colleagues, about every aspect of our content, the design, the typeface, our web, our social channels, our market, our purpose. Time Out for him was a creation of love and generosity. He loved London intimately, its culture and its counterculture, and wanted to share his passion for the city with the world. But Tony wasn't going to stop at one city, after London he conquered the world, the brand, the ethos of Time Out to hundreds of cities. In doing so he touched the lives of millions of people.

As a board member of our company, Tony kept advising us on our direction, our purpose, and the meaning of Time Out. Tony was engaged with the company until the end, guiding us and encouraging us. We will miss him dearly.

At a personal level I met Tony 5 years ago and spent many hours talking to him about his favourite subject, Time Out. I learned from him every day we met. Last time I saw him in person was mid March just before confinement and he was in good spirits despite knowing his ultimate fate. We had lunch with him and his wife Janey Elliott at his home, and we spent three hours discussing the company, the content, the markets, our expansion, and everything in between. As always, it was an enriching moment. His last email to me was about a design issue with our website, only last week. Tony was very proud of his company and wanted to make sure all aspects of it were perfect. He was relentless and I loved him for that. I will miss him very much. I will miss his advice, his passion, his profound understanding of the Media world. And I will miss his friendship above all.

Tony was a visionary, a pioneer, a brave man and a great friend. We owe him very much and we will fight to keep his legacy alive.

Rest In Peace, Tony.


Julio Bruno, and everyone at Time Out