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Julio Bruno, Time Out Group CEO - credit Oz Koca

Time Out Group CEO listed in the 2021 HERoes Advocate Executives List

The annual list celebrates the 35 senior leaders who are championing and advocating for women in the workplace

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Today, the 2021 HERoes Advocate Executives List was announced celebrating the 35 senior leaders who are championing and advocating for women in the workplace. Time Out Group CEO, Julio Bruno, has been selected as part of the index of leaders, which includes CEO’s from Diageo, WPP, Goldman Sachs, Blackrock and many more. Those named are striving towards removing career barriers for female employees within their business and industry and are dedicated to creating a more diverse and inclusive business environment.

Throughout his career and at Time Out Group, Julio has always surrounded himself with a team of mixed genders, races and ethnicities. The leadership team Julio currently heads at Time Out has a 50:50 gender split. In addition, 58% of the whole workforce is female and there is no gender pay gap. The company’s HR recruitment process involves practicing blind recruitment, to avoid unconscious bias around hiring men over women, and insisting on a 50% minority candidate long list from any agencies used. During 2020, in response to the issues faced by working parents over the pandemic, Time Out created a family resource centre as a support to help with mental health and the time off needed while working and caregiving simultaneously. Every year Time Out celebrates International Women's Day, both internally and through the company’s media megaphone, and Julio actively encourages his editorial team to spotlight female owned businesses as well as minority-owned businesses.

CEO of Time Out Group, Julio Bruno, says, “I am proud to be part of the 2021 HERoes Advocate Executives List, representing the whole team at Time Out Group who are dedicated to creating a more diverse and inclusive business.

“We are always striving to reflect the communities and cities we represent – whether that’s through our efforts to ensure there is no gender bias or pay gap within our business, to elevating and amplifying the visibility and voices of ethnic minorities. It’s a journey, and we have a lot more to do, but celebrating diversity and equality is in our DNA and I’m very passionate about continuing to be an ally and advocating for women in the workforce.”

Founder & CEO of INvolve, Suki Sandhu OBE, says, “I’m thrilled to be celebrating this incredible group of Women and Advocate Role Models who are championing inclusion and inspiring the next generation of talent. It’s vital that women across the globe can succeed and these Role Models are essential in dismantling barriers to progression and creating opportunities for women to be successful while also being able to be their authentic selves in the workplace."

The list was created by diversity and inclusion membership organisation INvolve and is supported by Yahoo Finance UK.

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