Time Out Market Miami collaborates with Jessy Nite for Miami Art Week

Rendering of One of Everything by Jessy Nite
Rendering of One of Everything by Jessy Nite

Site-specific Installation with Local Artist will wrap entire ground floor of the food and cultural market


Time Out Market Miami brings the best of Miami under one roof, the city’s best chefs, drinks and cultural experiences. For Miami’s famed Art Week, the food and cultural market is collaborating with local favorite and contemporary artist, Jessy Nite.

A site-specific installation by Nite, One of Everything, will cover all 90 storefront windows of the 18,000-square-foot market, with a stained-glass-like vinyl that wraps the entire ground floor of the building. The artwork will bring to life a bright composition of swirling oysters, 12-foot hoagies and more fun foods inspired by the dishes inside Time Out Market Miami – making it a great destination for the art crowd in the city at this time of the year.

Beginning December 2, 2019, Nite’s window installation will debut at Time Out Market Miami. Inspired by the style and glamour of the local Art Deco movement, Time Out Market is a reflection of the city with light streaming in from large windows and wooden communal tables in the center, surrounded by open kitchens where guests can watch Miami’s top chef and their teams prepare top-quality food. Nite’s artwork will tie in her signature style, with Miami Beach’s bright and colorful architectural palette.

“I started to come up with a concept that incorporates food, but remains geometric, impactful and fun,” says Nite. “I was inspired by actual dishes at the market to create compositions that highlight the geometric aspects of the food presentation.” I made a composition that highlights the lines, curves and visual repetition of actual dishes from Time Out Market.”

Nite is best known for her larger scale, outdoor text installations that interact with their environment. Her signature use of color and custom-made typography cross a variety of disciplines, carrying a playful but deeply rooted narrative. Nite’s works and installations have been commissioned by multiple international cities and brands such as Nike, Facebook, Instagram and Red Bull.