Time Out's Global Dating Survey results are revealed!

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Ready for Valentine's? Time Out’s multi-city, slightly naughty, single-bilingual, and in every sense totally epic Global Dating Survey went live this week and has made a big splash with the media! The survey was conducted across 24 Time Out cities and from among its 11,373 responses, we've sneaked glimpses into the dating scene in all corners of the earth, including Honolulu (where everyone knows each other), Kabul (too many military types) and High Wycombe (a 'dating desert').

Highlights from our survey, that looks at the way the world dates in 2015, include: 

·         'British', by George, is categorically the world's favourite sexy foreign accent. Oh yes it is.

·         The official Planet Earth-approved number of dates to wait before asking for sex, correct to two decimal places, is: 3.53.

·         New York is the least fulfilled dating scene (with 45% of New Yorkers saying they're sad to be single), while Sydney are the happiest (31% single and proud of it). 

·         Women, worldwide, enjoy filling in online dating surveys exactly 4.2 times more than men do.

And in a torrid pre-Valentine's hot flush, media around the world have fallen for our attractive figures in quite a big way, especially the story about British accents. So far the survey has appeared in at least 24 different media outlets including the Telegraph, the Daily Mail and MailOnline, MetroTime, the Independent, the Guardian, Yahoo, Stylist, Huffington Post in the UK and France and Thrillist; also on London Live radio in the UK and US TV with NBC's ‘Today’ show (worth watching, that last one…),to cite just a handful.

This has been a vast editorial and marketing project, so it's fantastic to see such an engaged response from both media and our audiences around the world. As well as the teams involved in London and the US, a huge thanks to our wonderful licensed editions for their effort and support in making this happen – especially Time Outs Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, KL, Sydney, Melbourne and Tokyo. (Special merci to Elsa on the Time Out Paris team who translated it all into French. Twice.)  Consider yourselves all swiped right. 

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