Time Out takes third place for Cover of the Century

Posted at 10:41 am December 2, 2013

Time Out took home a creditable third place in the prestigious one-off Cover of the Century Award at the 2013 PPA Awards. The 'Churchill' cover, first seen in November 1974, came third behind The Beano's 75th anniversary edition cover, and the Radio Times' 'Vote Dalek' cover which won the award.


The PPA Cover of the Century Award was designed to celebrate the centenary of the PPA organisation. 


The 'Churchill' magazine had aimed to show a different side to Churchill on the 100th anniversary of the former Prime Minister's birthday. 


A total of 36,262 votes were registered by the public over nine months. The winning 'Vote Dalek' cover celebrated the Daleks' return after two decades, and coincided with the 2005 general election.