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Get into the Halloween spirit with these eight gothic cocktails

Written by
Anastacia Uriegas

Halloween is upon us, and with it comes an onslaught of events, obsessing over costumes, stocking up on candy and finding the perfect pumpkin. Relax, guys. Sit back. Have a cocktail. Better yet, have one of these super gothic cocktails now available around town—skull vessels and all.

1. Robert Johnson at Firehouse Lounge
It has long been rumored that Robert Johnson, a blues legend, was given his mastery of the guitar only after selling his soul to the devil at a crossroads. So it makes sense that this namesake drink is made with tequila, lime, fiery cayenne pepper, even more fiery Bittermens Hellfire Habanero Shrub, and cassis, a sweet blackberry liqueur. 

2. Black Pearl at Roosevelt Room
The Black Pearl oozes Halloween spookiness! This glittery, black punch is made with Johnnie Walker Black Label, Talisker Storm, Smith & Cross rum, Barolo Chinata, walnut liqueur, Abbott’s bitters, charcoal powder and liquid silver, and served in a skull vessel inside a smoky treasure chest for maximum Halloween effect.

3. Black Flag at Holy Roller
Punk rock diner, Holy Roller, doesn’t shy away from menacing drinks. In this case, it's the Black Flag—a blend of Jim Beam Black, lemon, red wine and balsamic reduction. The blood red color is perfect for channeling your inner vampire.

4. Blood & Sand at Odd Duck
This cocktail first appeared in 1930 and was named after a 1922 film by the same name. Dewars White Label Scotch, Flor de Caña Nicaraguan rum, cherry heering, Carpano Antica and orange contribute to this classic drink. Now, in your best Dracula voice: "Did someone say blood?"

5. Corpse Reviver #2 at Péché
This one is self explanatory (corpse, zombie, hello?). The bright, citrus-y cocktail—gin, Lillet Blanc, Cointreau, lemon, absinthe rinse—is one often seen on hair-of-the-dog brunch menus for reviving zombie-like patrons.

6. Death in the Afternoon at Bonhomie
Absinthe—aka the gothiest spirit of them all—has many dark associations: writers gone mad, hallucinations, vampires, a severed ear...we could go on and on. This licorice candy-tinged yet formidable spirit is combined with sparkling wine for a bubbly, brooding libation.

7. Speak Only Evil at VOX Table
The Speak Only Evil’s dark allure is expressed via Monkey Shoulder Scotch, 10 year tawny port, banana, Bittermens Xocalatl chocolate-tinged Mole Bitters and tart orange oil.

8. The Luna Llena at El Chipirón
El Chipirón's Luna Llena—aka “The Full Moon”—is a spooky, aromatic take on the classic gin and tonic made with the very appropriately-named Alkemist gin. The gin, which is only distilled under a full moon, is then combined with bitter Indian tonic, lime, orange, lemon and perfumy cardamom.

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