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12 New Year's resolutions every Austinite should make

New year, new you—especially if you make (and keep!) these 12, oh-so-Austin New Year's resolutions

Photograph: Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

We all want to be better versions of ourselves, and what better time to begin that journey to love, enlightenment or skinny jeans than January 1? In Austin, we’re surrounded by others who also desire balance and quality in their lives and a city that meets and exceeds our demands. Might we suggest these 12 New Year's resolutions that will assist us on our path to balance? Now, let’s all say it together: “2018 will be the year I get my shit together.” (Well, at least until March.)

12 Austin New Year's resolutions


Pump the brakes on your Favor habit

It's easy to just hit a few buttons and watch a turquoise t-shirt clad person show up and hand you a lukewarm bag of goodness. But instant gratification is expensive, y’all.


Bring the drinking down a notch—or six

Yeah, so we like to party. Spending three nights a week at our plethora of dive bars is good for the soul, but bad for the liver. Maybe try a juice cleanse instead? 


Give back to Austin's animal community

There are so many opportunities to help out at Austin Animal Center, Austin Humane Society and Austin Pets Alive! with awful tasks like “feeding newborn kittens” and “spending quality time with dogs, some of whom have never known love.” No pressure.


Adopt a furry friend

See above.


Support your local bookstore

Buy books and actually read them instead of just collecting and stacking those babies—ahem, you know who you are. BookPeople is a great place to start. The shelves are full of book recommendations handwritten by employees and you’ll get the yasss-i’m-shopping-local feels.


Use your freakin’ ClassPass

There are plenty of opportunities for working out in Austin (a gym, a hike, lifting tacos—kidding, sort of). Use that ClassPass you bought a while ago at places like barre3, Orangetheory, LOVE Cycling Studio, Black Swan Yoga, Crux Climbing and more.


Make time for your parents

Call them up—or better yet, take them to dinner at ’rent-friendly Jack Allen’s Kitchen, Moonshine Grill or Matt’s El Rancho. Pro tip: If they’re paying, order top shelf margs.


Unleash your creativity

Check out CRAFT, the Eastside DIY crafting studio where you can either walk in during business hours—with access to all of their art/craft supplies for $10 an hour—or attend (or, optionally, host) a crafting workshop.


Learn to cook

Now that you've cut back on your Favor orders, it's time to learn how to cook—or at least upgrade your current skill set. Sign up for classes with Kitchen Underground and learn to bake bread, make sage ravioli with browned butter and gumbo yaya with fun and quirky chef Maggie Perkins. Bonus: all classes are BYOB!


Meet new people

Bars and apps are the obvious solutions to making friends and finding a date, but we like these even more: wait in the Franklin Barbecue line, take two-stepping classes at the White Horse Saloon, take an improv class at The New Movement or attend adult night at Thinkery children’s museum. 


Be more focused and present

Learn to meditate: benefits include reduced stress and anxiety, a longer attention span, improved sleep and blood pressure. Check out Meditation Bar for casual mediation or Austin Zen Center, Kadampa Meditation Center and Diamond Way Buddhist Center for Buddhism-based meditation.