The best places to have an Aperol Spritz

Recommended bars and restaurants to have this fashionable Italian aperitif

It's one of the most fashionable drinks nowadays and perfect for summer. Aperol Spritz, an aperitif of Italian origin, is threatening to relegate the gin and tonic to second place as an after-work tipple and overtake the classic vermouth as a pre-lunch aperitif at weekends. Its exotic orange colour and sweet taste with just a hint of bitterness are two of the weapons in its armoury. It's made by combining Aperol and cava (or 'prosecco' or white wine) and adding a dash of soda. It has a light taste and it's the ideal companion for tapas. It can be found in more and more places in Barcelona and here we present twelve bars and restaurants where you can refresh yourself with this increasingly popular drink.


4 out of 5 stars

Aperol is a drink with history. It was created in 1919 at the Padua International Fair by the Barbieri brothers and, like Coca-Cola, the recipe has remained a secret to this very day. At Bacaro you can enjoy the drink at an authentic Venetian tavern. In fact, this type of establishment goes by the name of bacaro in Venice. The food is excellent here too and prices are very reasonable.

Ciutat Vella


The taste of Aperol is somewhat similar to that of Campari (in fact Campari bought the Aperol brand in 2003), but its alcohol content is considerably lower: 11% by volume. It’s the perfect drink to have by the sea. At Blue, a beach restaurant on Sant Sebastià beach, you can enjoy it while having some tapas. The establishment is decorated in maritime style but without forgetting the cosmopolitan, urban character of Barcelona.



Aperol’s characteristic flavour, which is light and refreshing, is the result of its original recipe, which combines different high quality herb and root infusions. At Bonavida they serve it at after-work drinks time. If you’re hungry, make sure you try their delicious focaccias. On Wednesdays you can also enjoy live jazz music at aperitif time.

Cactus Bar

4 out of 5 stars

Aperol Spritz is a way of consuming this drink that has made the brand a hit in so many European countries. At Cactus Bar, in the Born neighbourhood, they’re real experts at mixing this combination. Don’t miss the after-work drinks sessions they organise. Both inside and at the tables outside on the terrace are great places to spend a pleasant evening.  There’s usually live music and DJ sessions on offer – the best musical selection to accompany your spritz.

Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera

La Deliciosa

To make an Aperol Spritz mix three parts of cava (or prosecco or white wine) with two parts of Aperol, a dash of soda, ice and a slice of orange. It’s made in a wine glass or in a glass with ice, pouring in the cava o prosecco first and finishing with the Aperol to prevent it from touching the bottom of the glass. The dash of soda helps all of the ingredients to mix together. Head for Sant Miquel beach to find out how they prepare it at La Deliciosa.  You can accompany it with some fine Mediterranean style dishes at a beach restaurant decorated following the mode for recycling.

La Llibertària

You can enjoy an Aperol with ice, shaken, or as the base for a number of cocktails, and it matches well with tapas, for example. La Llibertària is a quaint bar where you can try some excellent small dishes to accompany your drink. It has one oddity – a small museum of the history of anarchism in Barcelona in the 1920s and 30s. There are posters, some of which are originals, period photos, newspapers and paintings that make up an attractive collage.

El Raval

Mamarosa Beach

Surprising, the ingredient that predominates in an Aperol Spritz isn’t the Aperol, but rather the sparkling white wine. At Mamarosa Beach they know all the secrets of the drink and are exceptionally good at making it. With impressive views of the coastline from its location on the ground floor of the Hotel W, this is a great spot for lunch, dinner and to have some good drinks. In a modern ambience, Mamarosa offers dishes of pasta, pizzas and classical Italian dishes. There’s also a chill out area at night.

La Barceloneta

Mokaï Beachbar

The word 'spritz' is German and means splash or spray. It’s what Aperol does in the sparkling wine. At Mokaï Beachbar you can also splash around in the sea after having your Aperol Spritz. Located on Nova Icaria beach, very near the Olympic Port, this bar is the ideal spot to have a drink in a relaxing atmosphere while savouring fine fusion cuisine with oriental influences.


No Sé

There isn’t one single combination for a spritz, it’s more down to the individual barmen to come up with their own particular recipes. The common denominator among the different varieties is the presence of dry white wine or cava and sparkling mineral water or seltzer water (tonic water can also be used) which should be at least between 3 or 4 parts successively. The remaining 3 parts are made up of Aperol. The people at No Sé, in the Born neighbourhood, have a clear idea about the right proportions. They make an Aperol Spritz like nobody else does. And if you’re hungry, they also have a tapas menu to accompany your drink.

Santa Marta

Aperol has been one of the best selling spirits in Italy for some time now. It’s especially popular among young people. That’s something that the people at Santa Marta know very well. It’s a casual, relaxed bar located next to the beach in Barceloneta, with a 100% Italian spirit. Here you can make like young Venetians and enjoy a good Aperol Spritz while satisfying your appetite with special sandwiches, panini and tramezzini, that are completely different from a normal sandwich. You’ll also find dishes of the day like baccalà montecado and all sorts of appetizers.

La Barceloneta
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