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Entre Latas, tinned products, canned goods
Photograph: Entre Latas

The best Barcelona food shops offering home delivery

Get the best raw materials delivered so you cook and eat at home: meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, bread and also wine

By Ricard Martín

Tired of feeling stressed in interminable queues outside the supermarket or showing up to find them closed, having forgotten their current timetables? Well we're here to help. In these Barcelona shops you won't find toilet roll or hand cream, but they will deliver the best raw materials in town so you can cook, eat and drink like royalty right at home. Order up some meat, fish, veg, legumes, grains... great fresh produce at its best, all seasonal and local. You already have enough rice and pasta stored up! And you can feel good about contributing to local businesses without getting up from the sofa.


The best food shops in Barcelona delivering to your home

Carns Nuca, fresh meat products
Photograph: Carns Nuca

Carns Nuca: Get your steak fix!

Meat distributor Carns Nuca in nearby Corbera de Llobregat and Tocinería Ceretana, a delicatessen in the Collblanc Market, have teamed up to offer a first-class delivery service for meat and sausages. You can place your order by phone (678 624 724), selecting from all the products you expect to find in a butcher-delicatessen, such as sausages, veal, pork, chicken in all its forms, and you’ll receive your bounty a day and a half after placing your order. It might be a bit more expensive than at the market stall, but the quality can’t be beat. Plus, you’re getting personalised service and home delivery to boot.

Casa Artesa, products in bulk
Photograph: Casa Artesa

Casa Artesa: Treats in bulk bags

‘The pleasure of eating healthy’ is a slogan we can get behind. This bulk organic food shop with a brick-and-mortar space in the Eixample (Rocafort,109) has a full repertoire. Youll be treated to seasonal vegetables, legumes, dairy products, pasta and rice, preserves, spices, chocolate, olive oil, and soy derivatives that are ideal for vegetarians and vegans. You can place your order via Casa Artesa’s website.

La Bioteca
Photograph: La Bioteca

La Bioteca: All your organic needs met

Shopping Gràcia

The green lifestyle is now on your plate thanks to La Bioteca. Independent farmers serve the fruit, distribute organic milk and fresh yoghurt, and the grains and legumes (purchased locally and sold wholesale) are 100 percent organic. And you can get that all right on your doorstep. Three times a week they send out an email with a list of fresh produce they've got available, and you just decide what you want. If your order costs between €30 and €60, you'll pay just €3 for delivery, and if your order is more than €60, delivery is free. 

Photograph: Refruiting

Refruiting: An easy way to get your five a day!

Does your whole being collapse into a mound of laziness at the thought of queueing for fresh fruit? Not to mention trying to open those blasted plastic bags (it takes us two minutes on average per bag!). Refruiting is the remedy for anyone with a similar phobia. The service is as simple as it is essential: they bring you a small crate of seasonal fruit one day (or two) per week, and you can customise the quantity and add nuts or grains. For €15 a week, every seven days they deliver 2.5 kilos of fruit (€18 gets you 4.5 kilos a week), and it’s all just a click away. You will have to peel them yourself, though, if you can manage.

Peix a Casa
Photograph: Peix a Casa

Peix a Casa: Fresh fish to your kitchen

The delivery of fresh fish to your home is a delicate matter. In the Viladecans market, fishmongers with 30 years of experience have launched an online fish market you can trust. They deliver from Tuesday to Friday, from 4pm to 9pm, using professional transport that keeps the product cold and fresh, and provide service to all of Barcelona and its surroundings, from Badalona to Vallvidrera. You can buy fresh fish and shellfish caught the same day as your order and get your goods the next day, with a delivery price of €6.50 (delivery is free if your purchase is €59 or more).

Pirineu En Boca
Photograph: Pirineu En Boca

Pirineu en Boca: From the Pyrnees to your table

Restaurants Mediterranean

Pirineu en Boca brings you gourmet-category organic meats from the Pyrenees. They also offer different breeds with varying textures, to cater to all palates. The same philosophy extends to their digital butcher shop, where you can find chicken, veal, pork, lamb, duck and rabbit, or cold cuts made from the likes of venison, wild boar, spicy sobrassada sausage, or a magnificent Pyrenean ham that will surprise even megafans of the Iberian variety. And if you prefer to go analogue, you can order by phone on 93 129 69 87.

Entre Latas
Photograph: Entre Latas

Entre Latas: All the tinned goodness

Shopping Specialist food and drink Gràcia

Entre Latas is the first establishment in Barcelona focused exclusively on canned and tinned edibles. You’ll find products that are representative of countries and regions around the world, showing off the best they produce and preserve: smoked Danish delicacies, tinned fish from Portugal, treats from La Mancha, Galician seafood and other specialities from ten geographical spots across the globe. Best of all, they have a flexible and efficient online shop, with a home-delivery supplement of €7. 

Vila Viniteca
Photograph: Vila Viniteca

Vila Viniteca: Your wine online

Shopping Off licences Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera

Looking for a sure thing? Vila Viniteca is not only one of the great brick-and-mortar wine shops in Catalonia, but its online store is also excellent. Stroll through their website, and if you’re not sure what you want, you can call and get advice from the knowledgeable staff. Your order will be with you at home in just a day, and the basic price for home delivery (€5.95) includes six bottles. For purchases of €120 or more, delivery is free (when you can’t leave the house for an extended period of time, you realise how easy it is to spend that).


Turris: Fresh-baked bread


The Turris bakery has been one of the main stimulants in the world of bread making in recent years, and it’s become a giant of high-quality and artisan bread. Its 19 locations are also where they make everything on-site: you can see for yourself how they knead and bake the bread. And when you shop online (in Catalan or Spanish), you can choose from among most of their products to be delivered with a single transport cost of €4. Sure you’ll want to get your daily bread (try the delicious, moist and sour pa de poble or the full flavour of their spelt and rye varieties), but don’t forget to brighten up your day with some of their amazing sweet treats (that cheesecake! that chocolate croissant!).

La Fabrique: Your French bakery


In this bakery that provides the Poble-sec neighbourhood with organic bread, the bakery itself looks as though it has come straight out of France, just like owner Yoann Simonte. In addition to making some of the best breads in Barcelona, Simonte has set up an online bakery (in Catalan) where you can place your order, and it’s brought to you by bicycle. You might find the current offer is limited to some of their most popular specialities and you have to look carefully to see if they have made the bread you want for that day. Delivery costs €4.80 in Barcelona, though if your order comes to between €25 and €49, that fee is reduced to €2.50, and if it’s €50 or more, delivery is free. If it’s free delivery you’re after, a great option is bulking out your order and freezing bread to enjoy another day.

Fromagerie Can Luc
Photograph: Can Luc

Fromagerie Can Luc: Your French cheeserie

Shopping Cheesemongers Gràcia

‘Fro-ma-ge-rie.’ Luc, owner of this shop in Gràcia, spells it out: ‘We’re a fromagerie, which means we only stock cheese and things related to it: jams, pickles and wines.’ Another plus is that more than half the 150 types of cheese on offer are from France. And its delivery is as specialised as its product: ring 93 007 47 83, explain what you want, and they’ll advise you and calculate the order (which you pay by card), hop on a bike and take it anywhere in the city of Barcelona, for €6.50 supplement.

Verdura ecològica de la botiga Free Food
Photograph: Free Food

Free Food: Organic and gluten-free

If you’re gluten-intolerant, you won’t want to miss the offer from Free Food in Sarrià, the only gluten-free organic food shop in Barcelona, which will bring you a basket full of everything you need – fruit, veg and more organic products. They also offer a ready-to-eat menu service: for €50 a week you can get four starters and four mains made with organic and seasonal products, which are delivered in individual servings, vacuum-packed and ready to heat. Cream of leek and celery soup, chicken curry with Thai rice, vegetable stew, and broccoli stew are just a few of the hearty and healthy dishes you might opt for when you place your order on their website (in Spanish).


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