Public holidays in Barcelona

Days when you might find some establishments closed and public transport limited... and celebrations to attend!
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By Time Out Barcelona |

Most shops, banks and offices, and many bars and restaurants, close on public holidays ('festius'/'festivos'), and public transport is limited. Plenty of locals take long weekends whenever a major holiday comes along. If the holiday coincides with, say, a Tuesday or a Thursday, many will take the Monday or Friday off, in what is known as a 'pont'/'puente' ('bridge').

New Year's Day (Any Nou) Jan 1
Three Kings (Reis Mags) Jan 6
Good Friday (Divendres Sant)
Easter Monday (Dilluns de Pasqua)
May (Labour) Day (Festa del Treball) May 1
Mon after Whitsun (Segona Pascua) Jun 1
Sant Joan Jun 24
Verge de l'Assumpció Aug 15
Catalan National Day (Diada de Catalunya) Sep 11
La Mercè Sep 24
All Saints' Day (Tots Sants) Nov 1
Constitution Day (Día de la Constitución) Dec 6
La Immaculada Dec 8
Christmas Day (Nadal) Dec 25
Boxing Day (Sant Esteve) Dec 26