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How to make a martini

Channel your inner James Bond by making your own martini at home with our step-by-step video tutorial

Written by
Erin Kuschner

There are few cocktails classier than a martini. The simple, straightforward blend of gin or vodka and vermouth has been a mainstay in cocktail bars across the country, whether you're sitting down for a three-martini lunch or ending the night with a stiff drink. It's a personalized cocktail, too—some like it shaken, stirred, gin- or vodka-based, dirty or dry. We turned to Yael Vengroff, head bartender at the Spare Room in Los Angeles, for her take on a 50/50 martini that you can whip up at home. 

Martini recipe:

2 dashes orange bitters
1.5  oz. dry vermouth
1.5 oz. gin
Lemon twist

Combine orange bitters, dry vermouth and gin in a mixing glass
Add ice and stir
Pour in serving glass
Garnish with a lemon twist

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